Prove me your did not learn your kanjis for nothing, cheers!

Hey everybody!

This post is partially related to this post of today about kanjis being useful or not.
I was not intended to post here separately from my [MinnaNoKeigo] thread but we decided to add a cheer to the wanikanian who want to challenge themself reading useful stuff in our new content.
It is so fast that I think only Wanikani people will be able to enjoy I think haha.

Can you read the kanji at conversation speed, and even better do you understand the definition of HANPANAI at 2:35 ?
Prepare yourself, it is coming

Wanikani reference L27:

Or maybe we screw it and this is impossible to understand? :scream:


Sorry that I responded over on your usual thread, this one wasn’t up yet.
When we convert everyone to Wanikani, then it will be useful to all. :slight_smile:


Immediate reaction (especially after the other thread): :sweat_smile:
Followed by: “I can read as fast as I listen if I’m doing both”.
And then: “Wait is that you in the video?”

Dictionary says “sort of mostly”

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Very good answer actually, even Kei speak way faster than the JLPt guy in the Listening exam!

It is me in the video :see_no_evil:

The dictionnary is not updated I fear haha

Just binged the rest of them…
I like that it’s full speed but intended at learners, and being able to switch off subtitles in the later videos is a big improvement :+1:

Haven’t watched the video yet, but I can answer this right now: No.

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I usually watch with 日本語 subtitles on so reading them at conversation speed isn’t too bad, although I do trip up on a few kanji here and there. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now so I think I’ve gotten better at it since I was terrible in the beginning.

However, I only do this with videos that have content where I mostly understand the vocab like your videos and Sambonjuku. I’m still learning. :slight_smile:

Keep up the videos, they’re great!

I can recognise some kanji at conversation speed… with subtitles >.>

Better than I could this time last year, though!


…But I did learn my my kanji for nothing…


When you watch a lot of videos by seiyuu which put japanese subtitles in their videos… (I’m really addicted to Hanae Natsuki’s videos these days) I did not learn kanji for nothing!!!