Pronunciation buttons in lessons

I am brand new to WaniKani and have only been using this for a few weeks. It’s been a blast though and I plan to go on after Level 3. The funny mnemonics are great for the most part, although I can’t seem to remember the farmhand Jou…

Anyways, while doing my lessons for new words I noticed that you can’t hear the pronunciation. Usually there’s a button where you can hear a speaker say the word in Tokyo dialect or Kyoto accent or whatever…

Having the correct pronunciation at the moment you learn the word in the lesson would be super helpful a) so that us newbs pronounce it correctly the first time and b) to help with the memorization process. I like to say the words out loud as I am learning them and it would be great to know that it’s correct.

Just a thought, sorry if this has been brought up before. Ok, back to reviews!

Do you mean vocabulary items? If so, you should put this in Bugs & Errors.

If you really meant kanji, the vocab item should be accessible. It’s intentionally done this way since kanji are read multiple ways in different vocab. (In other words, kanji don’t technically have readings. Vocabulary does.)

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You should be able to hear it, there’s even a shortcut, I believe J to play it, and there’s an option in your app settings to autoplay them

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Got it. Yeah, I think it was just for kanji. But they do proscribe a particular reading for the kanji, otherwise you can’t get it right. It would be nice to be able to hear that spoken by a native.

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Will give this a try – thanks!

Ah, that, no, kanji don’t have audio, because they don’t actually have a good way to pronunce them as far as I understand, their pitch accent changes based on the word they are in


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