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Hello everyone,

I am new’ish’ to WaniKani I am at level 3 but I have around 50 word at apprentice due to silly mistake and memory problems :slight_smile:

I would like some recommendations from you guys, should I keep pushing myself to learn more new words or wait a few days to reduce the apprentice queue?




In all honesty, 50 words at Apprentice is nothing - you should start worrying when this number reaches 100, that’s when the number of daily reviews gets uncomfortably big.
But ultimately, I suppose it all depends on whatever you’re comfortable with, so there’s no definitive answer.


I have about 109 items on Apprentice at the moment and it’s a number that I feel is “fine” according to my own perspective.

More context, I’m almost exclusively dedicated to WK and Japanese in general at the moment. So depending on your situation we could say YES and be right but also say NO and be right anyways haha.

Are you working towards some kind of goal? We have it ALL in this forum. Motivating threads, demotivating threads, competition, peace of mind seminars, I would say go take a stroll through the forum and you will start getting used to what is considered “standard”

As I understand it, I am going too fast, but I can afford to cause thankfully I have time. (I’ve never had time before lol, it’s weird).

TL;DR: Without any additional information, I’m just gonna say what I would do which is “LEARN MORE ITEMS GO GO GO” Maniacal laughter


50 imo, is a very small amount, on average I think people tend to not want to go over 150.
But yeah, it all really depends to how much time you can dedicate to WK, if you’re very busy, maybe <50 is where you should keep it, although that may be too slow lol

De donde eres? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I am from Brazil :slight_smile: and you?

Thank you for you kind and well explanation.
I few like right now I have time to spend on Japanese soon I but to take a a step slower because college and work and even though I will keep pushing myself to do more.

Thank you very much I few the passion for this language and culture:)

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Ah, Chile :stuck_out_tongue: assumed you spoke spanish, sorry haha

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I was honestly waiting for someone like a level 60 to address this post already but it’s taking longer than I expected :sweat_smile:.

So… Welcome to the Community! (Cult) I would suggest getting yourself acquainted with scripts and how they work.

Particularly I would recommend the “Heatmap” script, the “Ultimate Timeline” script and the “Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition” script. How to run them and all that should either be on that thread or somewhere easy to reach in the forums. Heatmap and Ultimate Timeline look like this for me:

You might also want to check the wkstats (you need your API, again, forums can be your friend to find all the answers you need)

In the very off chance that speaking Spanish resulted in the person getting like an award or something. I speak Spanish! :raising_hand_man:t2:


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