Progress and failing?

I tend to do my reviews quite quickly and end up accidentally typing something wrong sometimes. When I do this it shows a red down arrow and says apprentice. Some of these kanji/vocab are at master already. When I get this message, what exactly is happening? is the progress completely reset and I have to get a perfect streak? Or how exactly does progress work?

Edit: Thanks for all the replies. All useful info

Guru and above, it goes down 2 SRS levels. Apprentice goes down 1 level. If you answer the same item wrong 3 or 4 times in the same session, it doubles the number of levels that it goes down.

SRS levels? What are those and how do I check them? Thank you for your response btw.

I think there are 9 SRS levels. It should go like:

Apprentice 1, 2, 3, 4
Guru 1, 2

But I’m not sure xD has a lot of information, including current SRS levels. Just feed it your API key (it tells you how) and it will show you a lot of neat stuff. The Universal Timeline userscript also shows the levels, but if you search around on here you’ll see some dire warnings to consider before using that.

Alright, thank you.

Thanks! I’ll check that out

There are 9 total SRS levels as @DerpiesDerp said above

If you get correct everything you’ll eventually burn that item
But if you fail (meaning or reading) and the item is on apprentice, it will fall back 1 position
If you fail and the item is on guru1 or superior it will fall back 2 positions

So if you were going to master an item (i.e. it was in guru2 state) and fail it, the item falls back to “apprentice4”

Here a table if it helps


However, once an item has been Guru’d, even if it falls back down to Apprentice, you can still keep progressing through WaniKani’s levels! You aren’t stuck at a level even if you make a mistake later on :slight_smile:

And that, kid, is how I met my leeches. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


it’s impossible to avoid making mistakes !

Even better: by making mistakes, you will learn!
I love the system of WK because you are not “punished” for your mistakes. If you don’t know an item well enough, you will review it more often until you know it. In the end you will know all items (or at least 98% of them… but that’s totally enough).

@Cancer : if you are anoyed by this little typos, there is something called “userscripts”. These little extensions do extend the funktions of WaniKani.
For example you can show which item will come when in your review pile with the Ultimate Timline Script

Or for your purpose I can advice Double Check. It has many funktions, e.g. to delete a given answer and retype it. ( Of course you should not abuse it by just change everything in the right answer. )

Have fun,
~T :lion:


Wow, I’ve not seen that before, thanks @gilmoreg !! :smiley:

That’s really cool!

EDIT: Scratch that, apparently I’ve been linked it before, but my memory is just THAT BAD. Still cool, tho.

By the way, if you want to know specifically which of the four Apprentice levels or two Guru levels an item leveled up or down to, check out this script.

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