Problem with Monthly Subscription: additional levels cannot be accessed!

I opted for a monthly subscription for the first time some 4 days ago and has completed level four. However for some reason, I cannot access level 5 content. The monthly subscription description said clearly that all 60 levels will be unlocked. Is this some kind of bug?
Please help me understand what I need to do.

Thank you in advance.

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They should. What do you mean by not being able to access higher levels content? Do you mean lessons? Check if you have access to them by clicking in these buttons:

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Can you show a picture of your dashboard?? That might give some clue as to what it up.

(dashboard is the thing jprspereira just posted)

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Is level 4 a short level? I don’t think you can complete level 4 in 4 days.


It’s not, but I think that’s not the OP’s problem :thinking:

EDIT: Now I see what you meant by this. Yeah, the OP probably thinks all lessons from all the levels should be unlocked or something like that.

Being a paid subscriber means you can look at the contents of every level. You still need to guru your radicals and kanji to make progress. At this point, it is literally impossible to level up in less than 6d20h (and that’s a good thing, long term). Reading the FAQ and the Guide will clear up these questions for you.

Things will start picking up from here, so enjoy this spare time now to look at grammar and other resources.


I think OP is saying that despite completing level 4, level 5 isn’t unlocking, which is a legit complaint. They aren’t saying that they expected to be able to continue with any level at any pace now.

OP said they bought the subscription 4 days ago, so it’s impossible to have finished level 4.


Ah, I missed that. Fair enough.


Yeah, somehow missed that too. We have a logician among us.

@Shadow14, please thoroughly read the FAQ and Guide like @rodrigowaick asked you to. He is 100% right, that is what is up. It will solve all of your problems and make you a happy camper again. It is not a bug, it is just how things work here.

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Hello again,

Please find the screen shots below.
There’s a zero in the circle for lesson and I get no other option to move ahead.
All I can do is “reviews” all day long and no new lesson is available…


Hi, Shadow14,

Rodrigowaick explains what is going on here down below. After the first few levels, the level up time shifts to at shortest 6 days and 20 hours. As far as I can tell, you have not been on level 4 long enough to level up yet. After you level up, the lessons for level 5 will be unlocked and you can start them. If you read the FAQ and Guide, it will save you a lot of time and make WK a lot more understandable. If you are still stuck after that, always feel free to come by and ask for more info. Everyone here is happy to help.

Does that clear things up a bit??

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the TL;DR version of what @TamanegiNoKame said:
See that bar on the bottom of your first screenshot that says “Level 4 Radical progression”? Well, the radicals that are on level 4 you have learned from your lessons. However, you have not proven to WK you know them well enough, so you have to get them right more to unlock more lessons.

(wasn’t much shorter but XD)


Thank you everyone!
I have one more Questions:
I paid the subscription fee on 31st January so when again will I be paying? It’s supposed to last for 1 month but February will be 28 days. Will it be on the last day of the current month?

If you don’t want to miss 2-3 days worth, I guess you can unsubscribe and come back on months with 31 days.
Vacation mode will be on so you won’t have any items come up for review when you come back.

Can you check your subscriptions page? Does it say something like:
The subscription expires on xxx. (I’m guessing February 27th).
You’ll be paying the next day.