Why i can not unlock the fourth level


It just stoped at the third level and if only the first three are free so why it doesn’t show a link for payment methods ?!


Oh… Good question, actually.

Payment can be done from your Settings in the Dashboard.
Go to the main page, click your avatar in the top-right corner, click Menu and then Subscription.


But you are level 1?


There’s no reason to unlock level 4 before you get to the end of level 3. Unless you’re going to buy lifetime, save some money and wait a few weeks.


Even if you’re planning on buying lifetime… There’s usually a sale on that close to Christmas.


Is this where you are seeing level 3? According to your avatar you are level 1.

If you were at level 3 you would see this on your dashboard. It has a link to subscriptions:

You need to level up all of the radicals, kanji, and vocab over time to guru from levels 1-3. That make sense?


It says you joined two days ago, you can’t possibly even be a level 3 user.


That only refers to the Forums


Yeah, we understand… and we get that a lot. You’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there is no way to skip levels.


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