60 days on Level 3...never leveling up


Is it normal…?


Are you a paid subscriber? If not then you get only Level 1 to Level 3 for free to try it out. If you are a paid subscriber then you have to email support because there is definitely a problem.


Thank you for answering! I have not subscribed yet…kind of waiting for an invitation to do so. There has been no «subscribe to advance» message…do I have to do it manually, then…?


Since it says here on the forums that you are already level 4 you just need to subscribe to get your lessons. I think there is supposed to be a message, but perhaps there was an error that caused it to not display


Thanks for answering! I have now subscribed and are receiving my lessons. Yay! :smiley:




Hmm glad it all settled :t_rex:

We do send out automated emails about subscribing (in conjunction with a free gift) once you reach a milestone in your progress. Also the dashboard displays a message. Did these not reach you?


I’m actually confused that it said 4. I thought that non-paid accounts would not show as above 3.


On wanikani, it says 3, but here on the forums you are shown as level 4.


Once you clear lvl 3 Kanji, your level in the forum goes to 4 :slight_smile: You don’t get access the lvl 4 items though :slight_smile:


Yeah we should fix this.


60 days?! :flushed:

You must be one of the most patient persons I “know” :smile:


Back in the day of us old people, there were only 2 free levels. So I wasn’t aware.


ありがとう!はい頑張りましょう! トランクラヤーさんは何人ですか? 私はノルウェー人です。よろしくお願いします!


Man…I have reviewed…thought the SRS had it in for me! :joy::sweat_smile:


Well, not clear enough, I guess…:sweat_smile:


Well, at least now you know the kanji of the first three levels very well :stuck_out_tongue:


Certainly! :sweat_smile:




It used to be that non-paid accounts would display as level 3 in the forum if they had advanced past that. Now the icon just turns gray. Except for level 60. Those remain gold even if non-paid.