Pro tip if you have a touch bar mac

Customize it to access Hiragana, Katakana and Romanji faster! This especially helps to switch between Hiragana and Katakana so auto correct doesn’t annoy you.


I switch by pressing “control” + “option” + “space bar” but I just tried what you said and it’s really cool. In what context are you using it?

I write a lot on like Microsoft word so I took out katakana and everything out so I only have regular US keyboard and hiragana and I switch between them how I said. Then I can parse through the different kanji options with the (is it called?) “shift” key… is there such a thing on a mac lol?

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Well control + option + space bar wasn’t working for me. I mostly use it for the Lvl1-5 convos on here, and always with google translate. What are you writing in Word?

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How do I do this? I just had a poke around and couldn’t see how.

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Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 12.02.24 AM

(Just in case!, not sure if you meant that you didn’t want to do it or not)

I write study guides for the Minna no nihongo I tests, they have some tests like A through F. I normally do the test and then write it down complete with the answers and make sure to single out kanjis or kanji combinations that I don’t know yet :sweat_smile:


Keyboard preferences → Keyboard → Customize control strip

(At least that’s how I found it, but you might get a more competent answer from OP)

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For the PC users, is there anything faster than Windows key + spacebar? It always switches to Japanese language - romaji, and I want to know if I can jump right into kana!

Alt + caps lock = katakana
Ctrl + caps lock = hiragana

Though you need to be in Japanese mode already, or you just turn on caps lock instead. I usually use alt+shift to change languages myself.

I wish I could stop WIndows from continually reinserting US English to my list of languages, though. It’s irritating.

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I use MLSwitcher2 which allows me to configure keyboard shortcuts to input methods.

I know this isn’t what you asked, but in your verb table: the て-form of 呼びます is 呼んで

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If you have a 2016-18ish Macbook sell it as soon as you can, before the flex cable dies and instead of buying a $6 cable to replace it you have to replace the entire screen because reasons. Like mine.
Last Macbook for me :angryviet:

apple logo → system preferences → Keyboard → customize control strip and then I replaced it with the monitor brightness to have immediate access without pressing (<).

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