Privileged: Quarantine is making me learn Japanese faster

I seem to be an outlier here, but my uni workload has felt larger during these past months, and thats without even having to go to my usual work. Maybe it was just a busy semester to begin with who knows.

I still have another report to finish for wednesday. After that i get maybe half a day off before a new course for June begins.
Potentially the June course is low workload but those are usually hit or miss at my uni.
(I’ve had courses i barely needed to be awake for, and courses where i was too busy to even go home and sleep in my own bed)

So inevitably ive had to tune down the WK a bit.
Im not sure if this has meant slower Japanese progress as ive been watching anime without subs in my downtime, which has been great listening comprehension training.

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I’m not sure if this is the reason why, but my university was far from being able to give online courses, I do have to admit that the quality of my school has gone down substantially (It wasn’t even that perfect to begin with). That’s why, for me, Japanese is a bit more important for me than my actual degree. If there had been an opportunity for me to study an undergraduate in Japanese I would’ve taken it!
I do love studying graphic design though! It’s not all bad. And I’m sure you must be a remarkable student, in your university and in Japanese!
I’ve never managed to find an anime I substantially like, do you have any recommendations?

While i do have quite a few shows i like, its hard to say which would be enjoyable for you to watch.

Im currently watching one piece because theres a shitton of episodes, its generally easy language, and ive already seen most of it with subs so i know the story. Its also painfully slow in terms of progressing the story and they repeat themselves a lot (which is good for practice) .That makes it a good practice/throwaway series. (It’s not all bad, i love the silly humor and interplay of the crew. The general theme of the anime is also very heartwarming and encouraging)

Im mostly fond of a more mature anime selection(Because let’s be real, most anime is made for teens),
and i plan to rewatch without subs at some point. To name a few not in order:

  • Gintama (4th wall breaking episodic comedy/parody on everything, lots of references to japanese society/culture/history)
  • Psycho Pass ( Dystopian sci-fi drama)
  • Legends of the galactic heroes (Space opera at its finest, much better than starwars, and i believe its gotten a remake with modern animation)
  • Cowboy Bebop (a good gateway anime for the mature audience)
  • Monogatari series (Im not sure if this goes in mature list but w/e, long dialogues with random aesthetics, and some crazy questionable humor)
  • One Punch man (Superhero parody in case the name didnt give it away)
  • Code Geass (not really a mature series, but it has quite a few surprises)

thank you!!