Quarantine Mode


I hope you and your family and friends are all well and safe.

As a result of many of us being in Quarantine to limit the spread of COVID-19 I see that a lot of people have much more spare time. Personally, I spend most of this extra time studying up on my Japanese and it seems like I am not the only one. Then I remembered that WaniKani offers a Holiday mode, would it not be convenient if they could now also have a Quarantine Mode?

I understand everything about not going too fast with your studies, however with all this extra time would it hurt to speed things up a little bit - if one wants?

Take care and stay safe everyone!
My deepest gratefulness to all of you who are still working during this time



While I get the idea behind it, speeding up lessons might not be a productive way of studying for some people.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend the extra time with grammar lessons or reading native material?


Agreeing with Ren, if you’ve got the time to study japanese, defer to other resources. Wanikani isn’t meant to be your one-trick, just one useful tool of many.

By the way OP, it’s considered weird in Japanese if you refer to yourself with an honorific (for example, calling myself Thomas-kun). An acquaintance of mine made this mistake when speaking to a Japanese person, just making sure you’re aware of this. Take care


Is うさぎ an honorific now or did I miss where they did that?

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no, I just edited the original post ^^


Thanks for your opinions, and the information about honourifics. I understand your points, and I do use other resources as well, plenty of them, however I keep stumbling over kanji I do not know and am just growing a bit impatient xx

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use that time to learn new words instead. Do you use any vocab srs? (anki, kitsun, torii, houhou…) Even with kanji you don’t know you’ll be surprised by what you can remember.
Or yeah learn grammar like others have said. Going faster than full speed wanikani is probs not a good idea and you may as well learn kanji by heisig’s remembering the kanji instead.

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