Press F for info, a hidden feature?

After using WaniKani for a few months I kinda got tired of grabing my mouse each time I get an answer wrong to click the info button to check what the answer should be. Instead it would be more practical to ditch the mouse at reviews and only use the keyboard (for speed and lazy purposes).

I wanted to write an custom script with tempermonkey to bind a key on the Item info box and mimic the click behaviour. Instead, I found out that this box already has an keypressed event for the click! Let’s see:

Ah ha! Keycode 70! なるほど

Let’s find the corresponding key


So pressing f should open the more info box. Aaaaaand it works!

I may be blind or missed a tooltip but I can’t find a refference to this anywhere on the site. If the devs read this, can you add a subtile hint to the button? Something like Bunpro has


Anyway, for those who don’t know, you can press F after you answer to open the more info box.


Isn’t there a “keyboard shortcuts” button at the bottom of the screen?


hahaha, I see. There actually is. I never noticed until you said so. But I personally think it is still pretty hidden, at first I thought it was part of google chrome.

Oh wow! I’ve never noticed either :blush::sparkles:~
I actually discovered the ‘F’ key feature from the forums. That’s good to know :sparkles:

I’m using the hotkeys all the time ^^

I’ve learned more that Japanese today. Thank you!

A very useful tip. Thanks!

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