[Userscript] TAB Key to Info click

For those how don’t like to use the mouse, I’ve made a simple script to bind your TAB key to the Item Info button when doing reviews, double TAB to automatically click the “Show All Information” button.

This is my first attempt at scripting with grasemonkey.
Install: WaniKani TAB Key to Info click

Notice that there are scripts on the sticky thread that do this automatically, which may or may not be better. Check lightening mode and similar on the sticky thread.


Ah is this like how you can use ‘f’ as well?

Similar, but pressing “f” again hides the info view, where with this script pressing TAB again clicks the “Show more info” option.

Ah cool :stuck_out_tongue:

How about the wrap up button?
Is there already a shortcut key for that? I make the keyboard, but no luck…

Alt+F4 <don’t hate me>

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Nice one. :rofl:

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After pressing “f” to open the info view, If you click the spacebar it opens up all information.


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