Practising reading and pronunciation of hiragana and katakana

I am very new to the Japanse language, I just started to learn it a few weeks ago. So far I know all of hiragana and katakana but almost no kanjis, not much vocabulary and almost no grammar. I am almost done with Wanikani level 1.

To get more fluent and proficient with hiragana and katakan and especially with Japanse pronunciation, I would like to practise reading and speaking/pronouncing it - even if I do not understand what I read and speak. Is there any reading material that

  1. consist of katakana an hiragana only (so I will be able to read it)
  2. allows me to click on a word, phrase or sentence and listen to how it sounds or generally comes with an audio version of it (so I can verify my pronunciation)

Regarding 2., I discovered that my iPhone (iOS 13) can ready any Japanese text to me when I select it. It is an accessibility feature I can turn on in iOS. Would you say that the pronunciation of this is good enough for verification of my pronunciation? If that is the case, I wouldn’t need text with audio, iOS could do this for me.

If you want books with hiragana and katakana only, look for children’s books. Some even come with an audio book (CD).

There is also NHK News Web Easy, which is written in kanji but they all have furigana. And there’s also audio recording for every article.

Maybe look through this post. Especially the tab “Free Online Resources.”



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There’s this really good website that allows you to drill hiragana and katakana. It’s how I learned it well. Unfortunately it seems to be down again… :confused:

Paging @fleon

I found Dogens series on pronunciation excellent(second part of the phonetics series), even though it was geared towards English speakers and my pronunciation is already quite decent, if I say so myself. If anything, the positioning of the tongue, throat etc. was super interesting.

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Wow, again so much good input, just a few minutes after I posted the question.
Thank you very much.
The Wanikani community is really welcoming and generally awesome!

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This site has words pronounced by native Japanese speakers

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