Practise at a specific level for WaniKani

Hello all, I have cleared level 1 and am going through level 2.

I was wondering if it is possible to go through all the content at level 1 again? I am having trouble trying to recall the level 1 kanji + vocabulary when I see them.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s ok, this is literally what the spaced repetition process is for. The items that you get wrong will reappear in your reviews quicker and the ones you get right will take longer to come back. So you get more practice on the items that need the most work.
Also, when you get something wrong, click the ‘info’ button and you can check the mnemonics and other elements again.


Yes, the previous level’s items will keep coming around until they’re burned. If you get them wrong, it’s moved down to a lower SRS level which allows you to see it more often

There’s also the self-study feature which allows you to study recent mistakes (also recent lessons, but Lv 1 stuff likely won’t be recent enough for that)

But, if you use WK on a computer where you can download scripts, there’s the Self-Study Quiz script, and one of its filters lets you study items by level


Thank you, appreciate all the responses here!


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