Practice Speaking in Person

TUESDAY, March 29, 2022.
I’m hosting regular free study sessions in Alex’s LearnJapanesePod Discord. Today we do the sample dialogs from Podcast8 “Talking About Your Likes and Dislikes in Japanese”
at noon in Chicago, 2amJST, 6pmGMT. Come try to speak with me! :nerd_face:
I’ll be doing this every Tuesday at lunch regularly for a while at least #ADHD

Here is a Discord Invitation Link that expires in 7 days for LearnJapanesePod discord server.

The Learn Japanese Pod complete list of podcasts is here. You have to scroll down a lot for podcast 8! Please download the pdf of the “Lesson Notes” for the additional dialogs to practice.

Now also:
On THURSDAYS AT NOON in Chicago, I’m hosting regular free study sessions where we do the dialogs from Lingo Mastery “Conversational Japanese Dialogs” in a different Japanese Study server. Here is an Invitation Link for that server.

Here is a deep link to the page for that book on Lingo Mastery’s website. I bought the Audiobook on Audible and it comes with a pdf of the book! I wouldn’t want the book without the audio…


Challenge accepted! :joy_cat: OK so I downloaded the Lesson Notes and I joined the Discord server, but in which channel will we meet on Discord? and I found your message! TTY soon :blush:


Thank you for coming, Nicole. It was nice to meet you “in person” (ie in real time over the internet). :partying_face:

That was a good question. Both servers have a lot of channels.

On Alex’s “Learn Japanese Pod” server, I usually only post in “Off-Topic-Mess”. Of the voice channels, I do sessions in “Audio Chat Channel”, with ongoing texting support in the “Voice Channel Party” chat channel for links to explanations, photos and videos or writing stuff.

On the other “Learn Japanese With Us” server, I usually post in the Chat- General channel. I do sessions in "Study Corner"voice channel, with texting support in the “study-text” chat channel.

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What else is on the Discord Server actually, and what are most of the other learners like, if you know? I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to go by frequently, but I’m thinking about it.

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The Learn Japanese Pod has a full range of people from native Japanese to absolute beginners. Today’s session was for just anybody, so we ended up with 2 very experienced 2 intermediate and 3 beginners, 2 of whom had reading but not speaking experience.

It’s always a crap shoot and usually low attendance (like 3 people) for any session I’ve ever done, and I’ve experimented with lots of times and media/session content. Aside from that I’d just love to hear your voice again after 3 years of forum chatting (there was that time you recorded yourself speaking French)…

If you ever wanted to amplify your Twitter grammar discussion as a “class” with examples…I would try to attend!! If you didn’t want to set up your own server, I don’t think Rainy would mind at all on the “Let’s study Japanese together” server. We’ve been sad over there that nobody is doing any teaching or study sessions there lately, and we’ve been too busy… This server has pretty low attendance overall these days, and mostly all beginners… If I were you, I’d import my own Twitter following. goodness knows, it’s be nice to have some new people there!

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Well, OK, it sounds fairly diverse in terms of levels, which I think is a good thing. I guess I’ll join the server and see if I have the time to drop by then. :slight_smile:

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Yikes! We had so many people today in the discord chat (like 12), that I had to split us up into multiple rooms.

It was a good session. I’m still a bit disappointed with my ability to make my own sentences, and my listening comprehension. But, as they say


Chiri mo tsumoreba, yama to naru.
Even dust, when piled up, becomes a mountain.

I made flashcards
Podcast35: Motivational Japanese Phrases on Quizlet

to go with the LearnJapanesePod podcast 35: “Motivational Japanese Phrases”

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