Any tips or advice for training your 日本語 skills?

aloha guys!

answer might be obvious for people, but somehow i struggle with actually training my japanese that i’m learning. last year i started to use hello talk what was a good way to connect to other learners. but i found myself in an uncomfortable position since i get easily overwhelmed by many contacts. didn’t help that some japanese guy felt highly disappointed in me when i didn’t answer within a day and called me out for being a shit person due to that reason. since then i feel too discouraged and intimidated to actually search for a native person talking to me in japanese.
YET STILL i still want to connect to japanese friends i made over the years. we usually talk in english, but i want to learn how i can understand them better. so obvious way is actually getting better in japanese.

long story short: do you know a platform (maybe even a thread here in wk? maybe missed it) where i can train my skills with people? or do you know other solutions? sometimes i try to write sentences or build them while i talk to myself (btw my japanese talking skill is too low to have actual conversations more complex than トイレはあそこです。外ではない。このトイレはとても素晴らしいです。just to give you an idea haha)

what i do atm to learn japanese:

  • wanikani to learn vocabs and kanji
  • duolingo to get a feeling for sentence structure
  • reading easy japanese text to train my hiragana and katakana recognition and reading speed

sorry for the blah-blah! if you struggle with the same issue being isolated learning japanese, please share your experience and thoughts! thank you!


The discord above is pretty usefull, also i would recomend you to listen to japanese podcast at around your level. Fully in japanese if possible or with minimal english intervention.

I have been doing this together with tangoristo to read articles for 2-3 months and the improvement and especially the retention of words, etc has been greatly increased.


oooh!!! thank you for sharing this server! i totally will have a look on it! is it only good for people who can already have good talks in japanese? or is there also a chat for beginners? :sweat_drops:

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thank you for your recommendation!! will check tangoristo out __
i think my japanese level is still too low to understand conversations, but listening to podcasts at a better level totally sounds useful! ToT/

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Well, to be harsh, if you don’t know any Japanese outside of WK, then holding a conversation won’t be very feasible, you’ll just keep seeing new kanji’s and vocabulary. But you gotta start somewhere, so I leave the choice up to you!
You can join in if you want to, see if it suits you.


How do I find podcasts to listen to? And where is the best (free) place? :grin:


Just a few I have saved. (random Japanese radio stations)


There is a let’s talk Japanese thread in the Japanese only section, but it is not very active. If you want you can start your own thread as well. I will try to respond to any comments you post, in short sentences, maybe? If you want to be corrected or not, I am sure people will be accommodating. Also, if you just want to do homework sentences and practice that would be fine, too. Doesn’t have to be in kanji either, I guess, as long as it’s Japanese!


thank you for your response! i am going to search if there is still some more or less thread. otherwise gonna do a new to invite people needing to practice. thank you! also for offering your help!! ToT/


The invite expired… Can you reinvite? ;))

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P.S. Don’t mention my name :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve yet again failed my notifications game ;-; invite me through my actual discord jeeno#0091

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