Help: what was the name of the test again?

Hello everyone,

I’m searching for the name of a japanese online test, because I can’t remember its name. As far as I remember, you can do the test to see at what japanese level you are at and the questions start easy, but adjust to your level while taking the test. I also remember it was free, but you had to register.

I know it’s not much information I’m giving you and I’m kinda feel sorry that I created a new topic for this, but I couldn’t find the answer, and I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:


Are you thinking of the J-CAT?


Agree. Sounds like the JCAT. It is free, but you do have to register. Takes a few days to get your password after registering, so plan ahead if finding time is tough. Also can only take the test once every sixth months (or you can just register with a different email of course)


Is it still free? I thought they were overhauling it and that it was going to become paid.


Yeah it’s no longer free. Also, it doesn’t seem that you can’t take it as an individual anymore either. It looks like it’s now required to do it through a university or language school since they overhauled the system if I’m reading the Q&A section correctly:





Q&A | 日本語テストシステムJ-CAT


@seanblue @athomasm
Bummer. Feels like just a few months ago I took it… Must be a recent change?
They did always ask what my school or company was. Just put in my college even though I was doing it individual. Do they require something from school/employer now, or can you just put whatever in?
$10 not terrible though… Although I never really liked the test…


I believe the new paid version went live in April. They announced it last year though.


From what I was reading on a Reddit thread it’s now supposedly done on special tablets or something. Or at least that’s what people were saying about a year ago.

Thank you for your replies!
Yes, I was talking about the J-CAT!

Unfortunate that it’s not free anymore, because I wanted to take it in Feb at first, but decided to study a bit more before tackling it :confused:

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