Pokemon has weird hiragana?

Hey guys, I can’t really find anything about this so I thought I would ask it here. I’ve been playing pokemon diamond recently, and have found some words here and there that use the hiragana ち for example, but with the ‘stripes’ like for example with ず. Could anyone explain how that’s pronounced, and how I could type that with IME? I’m really confused

Do you mean ぢ? That’s a normal kana though, for example used in the word ちぢめる. It’s pronounced the same way as じ if we are talking about standard japanese. There are dialectical differences though.
Compare: 四つ仮名 - Wikipedia

EDIT: forgot to tell you how to write it. It is “di” with the IME


that’s actually the exact word that was used in. I didn’t know it was normal hiragana, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it outside of pokemon.
I never would have figured out that it’s written as di, so thanks!

Yep, perfectly normal, though it only shows up in a few words, mostly with the 縮 kanji, (since it often gets replaced by じ in a lot of other cases), so I can’t say I’m surprised you’ve only just seen it. To type it on IME, you use “di”, just like you can use “du” to get づ.

(Missed that @downtimes edited their comment before posting mine :laughing:)

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Thank you for the explanation! :smile:

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Funnily enough, you’re fairly close to encountering a vocabulary word with ぢ in it in Wanikani, in level 7.

近々 (ちかぢか)

I think you’ll most often see it in words where rendaku is involved, same with づ.


in regions marked by 一つ仮名, are they all pronounced the same? or am i reading the diagram wrong

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Yes, the slightly looking down word for it is ズーズー弁 because it sounds like they are saying ず so often ^^.
Try to hear the intro here for example: みっちゃん食堂〜ズーズー弁講座「あいさつ編」〜 - YouTube
The whole video is funny so watch it through! (こんぬづは sounds just great)

Maybe someone else also has a nice sample. I remember it clearly from the Japanese Film Festival last time where one was set in 東北 and the main character wanted to work as a maid in a maid cafe but she just couldn’t say ご主人様 without lots of ず in there

EDIT: film was this one Ito - JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022 - YouTube


Well, your question was already answered, but you should also know that ゛is called だくてん and ゜is called はんだくてん.


On your WaniKani review/lesson interface, you can access a hiragana keyboard that will also show you the applicable romaji to type to make something appear, if you ever need to check it.


that was weirdly entertaining, i sat through the whole thing and repeated all the ズーズー弁 words with her

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The scientific terms are quotation mark and flotaty circle, respectively.


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