Hiragana and Katakana deck on Kitsun.io

Finding nobody has already done this (?!?!), I made a kitsun.io deck for hiragana and katakana.


note that i used “ji” and “zu” for ぢ and づ.

i’m adding the yoon as we speak.

This is what I wish wanikani had as an optional level zero… anyway, I hope it’s useful to some of you. Please let me know if you see mistakes or things I left out.


I’m also surprised that nobody built that already, so good on you for making it! But why would you use ji and zu for ぢ and づ?

What do you prefer? There seem to be multiple approaches to those glyphs.

While it may or may not be intuitive, the standard way of typing ぢ and づ into a Japanese input method editor (IME) is di and du, because ji and zu produce じ and ず. If someone plans to learn to type in Japanese, learning ぢ and づ as ji and zu would lead to problems.

I think dzi and dzu would be more intuitive than di and du, but dzi and dzu aren’t accepted by all IMEs.


@Ilyasaur you’re no longer needed :cry:


It was bound to happen eventually :rofl: Prototype deck likes forever abandoned.


Yesyes but it is my understanding that the glyphs are nevertheless pronounced the same way as their ‘z-row’ counterparts.

I guess I will see if kitsun.io will let me put alternate answers, it probably will

What does this mean?

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Just that I noted the lack of beginner material also, started creating a kana deck but never really fleshed it out. It was more of a concept than a serious attempt at building a complete deck.

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Oh no i stole your idea i hope you don’t sue me :scream_cat:

In standard Japanese they are pronounced the same, yes, but for WK users, knowing how to enter them in is important. The letters used to represent them in romaji don’t imply a sound change here.


I agree with Leebo, it’s important to rectify that. And don’t worry about the deck. Education is free and I don’t have copyright on the concept. I may still make one some day for my own purposes, and if I choose to publish it, may the better deck propagate :fireworks: