Podcasts for each jlpt level

I want to up my listening time so I’m looking for podcasts !! I’m not n5 or n4 or even n3 anymore but I still think it would be beneficial for others to find podcasts for the jlpt level they’re studying for !! Especially since the December jlpt is right around the corner…. Anyways anyone is welcome to recommend a podcast or even a show to watch/listen to that’s around the level of the jlpt .I don’t mind if you even go beyond the jlpt !So please recommend as much as possible !



I will always recommend Nihongo con Teppei. They have a beginner and an intermediate podcast. Intermediate has over a thousand episodes (split under 2 different shows), so you won’t run out soon.


I second morteASD’s rec for Nihongo con Teppei, I’ve listened for over 500 episodes, they’re fun and easy! And the intermediate is also pretty cool once you feel a little more confident on the beginner one!

I also recommend Sakura Tips, which is also short, fun and aimed at beginners! It also has a lot of episodes to listen to! (it’s listed as “Listen to Japanese | SAKURA TIPS” on Spotify)

For me both were really great to start listening to Japanese!

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I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’ve listened to both. I love Nihongo Con Teppei, but I don’t know a lot of the words, or I have a hard time with audio recognition of words that I can read easily. I don’t feel like my comprehension is very good, and that maybe content this basic is above me.

My question is, how much of it did you understand when you started? Did you pick up more as you continued to listen?

My grammar comprehension is passable N5/ a little N4.

I don’t mind at all! :slight_smile:

It was not easy when I started out: it was my first contact with Japanese podcasts, even aimed at beginners! I started to study Japanese focused on reading (and writing, to a lesser extent) so it took a couple of repetitions of the same word for me to link sound and meaning.

It does get better, and that’s why those podcasts are great, they have a loooooot of episodes! So if you don’t get everything from it, that’s OK, there are hundreds more ahead!

If I recall correctly, in some episodes Teppei recommends to relisten the episodes to improve the comprehension but to be honest that’s quite boring to me so I listen every one only once! I only repeat them if I didn’t pay attention to it (too focused cooking, cleaning, running etc)

Also, Sakura Tips have a vocab sheet along each episode, so that could also help you out!! :slight_smile: (I never checked the sheets myself but if it’s anything like the podcast itself, it’s very well produced!)

I hope this helps you! You’re going to make it! :slight_smile:


A few recommendations based on what I listen to:

ことのは日本語の会話: this podcast is a conversation between 2 woman, and I would recommend it in particular because their episodes vary in difficulty, and they also rate the difficulty of each episode (which varies from N5 to N2). So definitely useful for all levels.

Learn Japanese with Noriko: Noriko was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, so it has a bit of a special place in my heart. She also has a podcast series with Teppei. Her initial podcasts are probably around N5~N4, they are aimed at beginners (I think her latest content may be a bit harder). She has a Nihongo Storytime for beginners podcast with transcripts which is also nice and she rates it A1~A2 level.

YUYUの日本語Podcast is also a popular one which I enjoy - it’s a bit harder thought, probably ~N3 level I’d say.

日本語の聴解のためのpodcast (あかね): probably also ~N3 level. She talks about a variety of subjects and also has transcripts available in her website.


I like “Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk”. It’s two Japanese girls who were studying abroad and now live back in Japan. They talk about a random different topic each episode and they make vocabulary lists for vocab specific to each episode. I’m not sure the exact JLPT level, but it’s all casual conversation, so I’d imagine by N4, someone could get at least something out of it.


If you’re just studying to pass the test do the online practice tests for the JLPT you’re planning on taking.

Another thing you could do is find anime/dramas via LearnNatively.com and “through some magic” turn those episodes into audio files you listen to in the down time when you can’t focus on something visual (like a book or TV).

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I like to listen to “Oyasumi Japanese with Shun” before I go to bed :nerd_face:
The episodes are short and quite easy to understand and Shun tries to speak very slow.
The Podcast info says, that he uses Genki1 and Geki2 grammar. I consider this perfect for N5 to N4 (correct me if I’m wrong).