Plurals in meanings review - behavior changed?

During reviews, adding or removing an s at the end of a review answer used to not affect the review. If the accepted answer is “book” and you wrote “books”, you’d be marked correct. It wouldn’t even show the warning saying you were a bit off. Recently however, this has started to show the warning saying you were slightly off. While it seems like this wouldn’t matter since it’s still considered correct, this change throws off scripts that check if you are “close enough” like Close But No Cigar and Double Check.

Has anyone else experienced this as well? I wanted to double check with others before asking viet and oldbonsai about it.


Yes, I have noticed this as well - although I don’t use those scripts so it hasn’t bothered me as such

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Oh, I noticed that too - thought it was just because the word in question was a short word to begin with. Or maybe that the free pass is removed for levels in the fifties.

I noticed it too, especially on stuff like 権 and 権利 where one uses the plural and the other the singular (rights and right).

@viet @oldbonsai Can you comment on this? Was this change intentional?

Yes, senator, the change was intentional. No, I cannot comment on the events of the evening of February 5, 1968. :stuck_out_tongue:


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