Black list answers? Or undo a correct answer? Or lower an item's SRS level?

When doing reviews, for some vocab sometimes I will get the answer “close enough” but in reality it was wrong.

So for example;
出す (to remove), but I entered “to leave” - while related it’s not correct.
立てる (to stand something up), but I entered “to stand” (might have been “to stand up”) - again, close, but really the meaning is not correct.

Now both of these are “enlightened” and I wont see them again for 4 months - but I need to - I want to see them again. I’m almost certain I’ve done this more than once for those two, and I know that I have done it to many other vocabs - it happens way too often and is quite annoying (“to bend” vs “to bend something”, “to substitute” vs “to substitute for”, etc). If I could I would blacklist these (almost) “correct” answers I would, or make the entry more strict or something.

At the moment if I get the meaning (almost) “correct” before I see the reading part I will intentionally put in the wrong answer so I can force myself another test next time. But if (as happened just now) I get the reading first (which I get fine), when the meaning came along I had the wrong meaning in my head, but it accepted it.

I know WaniKani isn’t for vocab etc etc., but it is quite valuable for that as well. I can just see myself in the future putting down anecdotes of my silly vocab usage in one of those “your dumb Japanese moments” threads or something.

Does anyone else how this problem? Are there any scripts for this? Or some way to help out with things like this?

(I also feel like this has happened with one or two Kanji as well - but predominantly vocab)


Not sure about specific vocabulary, but have you tried out the close but no cigar script?

And alternative version:


I second the close but not cigar script. It helped me clear up confusion between “transitive verb” and “intransitive verb”.

You can also email hello@wanikani to ask them to knock specific items down a level or two.

They did that for me once!

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