Notifications of updates to vocabulary meaning etc

Often I look at a review after typing it wrong and think to myself “I’ve never seen that before!”. And rarely, it turns out I didn’t. The meaning was changed. I think it would be nice if there was a thing to make me sure I’m not going crazy from too much Crabigator, like a popup saying “We changed it a little!”.

It’s not a big deal, because eventually SRS will do its job, and obviously changes are sometimes necessary. I also wonder how often noticable changes are put in, because I only noticed it with vocabulary meanings. It’s just confusing when I try 5 times to answer with a meaning I’m sure is correct, only to then not realize it’s something new and mistake it another 3 times later. Updates on the blog are not really helping, since they aren’t shown on the main page and it can be months between an update and actually noticing it in reviews.


Me likes it. Make it so that it appears only in the first review after said update.

I’ve been chatting with the dev team about something like this. I don’t know where it sits on our big list of priorities, but it’s definitely on there!


Move it up the list please, I thought I was going nuts! I keep getting the meaning wrong on something I was doing quite well with, so eventually I came here to search the issue. A popup would be VERY helpful or even a note with updated beside the meanings so we aren’t questioning our sanity.

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