Please recommend a vocabulary SRS to me

I’m currently using WK in tandem with KameSame, but my usage of KS is mostly limited to covering the reverse (i.e. EN -> JP) rehearsal of vocabs already learned in WK. KS works well enough for that purpose, but despite some attempts, I haven’t been successful in breaking into the non-WK vocabulary yet. KS does have several word lists that would fit the bill (one per JLPT level, and a top 10k one), but there are two major problems for me with these:

  1. For each vocab, you only have the reading(s), written form(s) and translation(s). There are no explanations or mnemonics like on WK vocabs.
  2. I would like to skip vocabs that use kanjis that I have not yet had on WK, but KS does not offer this function directly. I can skip over vocabs when they come up in lessons, but I have to do it in every single lesson, which quickly gets tedious.

Since these are some pretty significant roadblocks, I’m in the market for a vocabulary SRS. Can you recommend one that has:

  1. a Core 10K deck or similar (bonus points for decks per JLPT level)
  2. explanations/mnemonics on each vocab (bonus points for example sentences)
  3. an option to skip/suspend cards using kanji that I have not guru’d on WK yet

Also, since I already know a significant amount of vocabs, it would be nice to have some sort of placement test that allows me to burn vocabs that I already know.


Kitsun has a Core 10k deck and JLPT decks. At least the Core 10k one has WaniKani level tags, so you can choose to only learn words using kanji from levels you’ve completed on WaniKani, kana only words, etc. It doesn’t directly link to your WaniKani account to check guru state, but with the tags I think you can manage it manually without much hassle. It does not have mnemonics, but it does have example sentences.

There’s no placement test, but in Kitsun you can simply hibernate cards you already know and not study them in the SRS.


I would recommend checking out Torii SRS. It has options for a 10k deck, by JLPT level, for kana-only words, and for vocab not on WaniKani. Unfortunately it does not have built in mnemonics, but it does have an option for adding notes and has a lot of example sentences for each word.

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I actually see this as somewhat advantage. I might mess up my review there couple times but when wanikani lesson comes up later on. I already know it :smiley:
Example 隣 neighbor (となり) i believe this is level 50 ish kanji. Another example 縦 vertical this is level 30ish kanji. It is up to you what would like to use. But just friendly reminder: wanikani doesn’t use the official name for the radicals or kanji (i believe?) So even if you found a resource with mnemonics it is might be little different than what you hope it would be.