Please help with kanji sentence


Guys! What does kanji sentence on this shirt say? I can not find kanji from second to fourth in dictionary.


I’m a bit too tired and slow to do it right now for ya, but have you tried looking it up by radical on That’s how I always figured out kanji I didn’t know when reading BL doujins, /cough, cough/


Looks like simplified Chinese characters to me, not kanji. For instance 娱乐 is not Japanese.娱乐

Side note, if it was Japanese, it wouldn’t be a sentence, since there are no hiragana.


Not sure how reliable that is but yeah, seems more like Chinese than Japanese


Yes, it’s Chinese in simplified characters (used in mainland China and Singapore). It also makes absolutely no sense. You have 目 meaning “eye”, 娱乐 - entertainment, 节 - festival (節 in Japanese/traditional), and 今日 - today. If you rearranged the characters to 今日娱乐节目 it could mean “Today’s entertainment program,” but that’s the closest it comes to anything.


Yup, @Leebo has it right. It’s Chinese, and strangely enough that brand does have a Japanese slogan, which I’m sure everyone here can read…

(sorry for the massive size)
I dunno why they’d choose しなさい as a slogan. “Please do”? Is there a kanji for し that I don’t know that might fit? The kanji before look Chinese to me again, but I think they essentially mean “super dry” :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys! Sorry for false alarm.
I have found a wiki article about this clothes company. Looks like they put a japanese style nonsence on cloths.

SuperGroup plc is a British international branded clothing company, and owner of the Superdry label. Superdry products combine vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics.
The company’s products include frequently meaningless excerpts of Japanese text, inspired by the common Japanese practice of placing decorative English text on items to increase their fashionability and appeal, a phenomenon known as Engrish. The company explained to a Japanese television crew in 2011 that they deliberately use simple machine translation to generate Japanese text, and that they are aware that the texts often have no meaning