Please help me thank my Japanese teacher :)

So I am finishing up the last Japanese class that my community college offers and part of the final exam is to submit a video of myself responding in Japanese to my teacher’s prerecorded questions. But since this is one of the last chances I will get to submit something personalized, I would like to tell her thank you at the end but I was hoping to get some help in making it seem as sincere as I feel.

先生、今年度は ありがとございました!

This is what I had planned on saying, is this sufficient?

Not sure about your level but I really love おかげ for thanking people

Here’s a quick summary

I don’t think you really need は in your sentence but I don’t think it’s wrong either?

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I quite like the を世話になる expression, so I’d say something like this
Though your sentence works as well

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Thanks for introducing me to this! It seems very useful for a lot of things.

Using くれる expresses gratitude as well:


Isn’t ~くれてありがとうございました kind of an overkill even in Japanese?

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