Please help me figure out how I should introduce myself

Mostly I am concerned about my first name. I go by Tad, which is technically a nickname, but I go by it at work, and everyone calls me that including close family.

What would that be in kana? Romaji wise (sorry, haven’t setting up Japanese typing yet) it seems like it has to be teddo or taddo. Neither of those comfortably sound like Tad. My given name is Terry, which is probably a lot easier for Japanese people to pronounce, but… eh?



Trick with transliterating names: find a famous person on Wikipedia with the same name and switch to the Japanese version of the page. For example,タッド・リンカーン


I don’t see how you’d get closer than タッド


Follow-up question. Do most Westerners introduce themselves Last name, first name or First name, last name?


First name last name. Japanese people understand that’s how Western names work.


Judging from the fact that more than half of the time people use my first name anyway, it’s rather that they think they know how western names work, mess it up, and then wing it.


When I go to the doctors or something and I hand over my ID, which is standardized to be last, first, middle, they most often call me by my middle name when it’s my turn.


Woah! Is that another husky I see living in Japan?! Class of 14 here! But usually when I go to the doctor, they call me by my last name…still, when you introduce yourself, you can use your first name first. Also be aware that if you decide to change the standard katakana for your name, people will forever spell your name wrong in romanj.

Cool, though I’m just a fan. My parents met there and I was born and raised in the woods of CT, so I became a fan.

Not born in CT, but I lived there for about ten years! There’s not many of us in Japan. Everyone is always from Ohio, Texas, or the west coast.

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