Introducing oneself

Hi, My name’s Jon.

Can someone help me with introducing myself in Japanese?

Thank You

What exactly do you need help with? What’s your prior grammar experience? What do you want to learn?

You’re not exactly giving us much to work with.

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Hi, I want to learn how to introduce myself in Japanese.






Hi Alo,

Thank you very much! If it’s not too much to request, can you please add English translation alongside the Japanese text? My translation is from an unreliable source, the internet, but I got:

どうも Thanks

「ジョン」と申します My name is Jon

宜しくお願いします Thanking you in advance

I’d translate the sentences more like this:

どうも: Hello/Greetings

「ジョン」と(もう)します: I’m called “John”
と is the quotation particle, you put it after a sub-sentence to indicate that it’s a quote.
(もう)します comes from (もう)す, which can be translated as “to be called”, it’s quite formal, so this is a slightly more formal introduction. The tense used is the non-past formal tense.

(よろ)しくお(ねが)いします: It’s more of an expression used similarly to something like “Pleasure to meet you” or “I look forward to working with you”.

Overall I’d say it’s a nice formal way to introduce yourself to someone.


Sambonjuku has a good videos about self-introductions. (The video has Japanese and English subtitles)


Our Japanese classes still keep the self-intros very complex and varied for some reason.

In our course the “standard” 自己紹介:

  • name (名前)
  • hometown and current town (出身 / 住んでいます)
  • interesting point about your name or hometown “~といういみは”
  • interests and hobbies (興味 趣味)
  • how long you have been studying japanese
  • current family size and structure

Luckily it’s not a dating party so we don’t have to disclose our blood type…


Much appreciated explanation! : )

Can you offer an example of a casual introduction—something fitting for this context here in an online forum?

Thanks again

Thank You for this template! I’ll be looking at this again as I become more comfortable with syntax. Though not sure how relevant ‘family structure‘ is to any new acquaintance, aside from some courting rituals, so I’ll leave that one. :wink:

I usually use something like 家族は三人。妻と娘と一緒に住んでいます。
If you are single, you can tell about your siblings and if you are oldest etc, or just say 独身です。

I think class introductions are made like this to open the class up as same things are gone over and over in more detail when doing 1-to-1 discussions with class mates and it gives some thing to grasp on. It’s quite natural to ask about the exact same things other just told you 5 minutes ago and then other side is kind of expected to slightly expand on the topic.

I’d probably just go for something relatively simple like はじめまして、name です。よろしく(おねがいします)。Although for some forums that might be a bit informal, it’s probably fine here though. :smile: There are a lot of ways to introduce yourself though, so there are a lot of variations to try.


Yeah, when doing ad hoc intros, this is also what I recommend. Rest will come up in the next if they strike up conversations to get you know better.

Tried to imagine something really rude as 自己紹介 that would probably cause a lot of confusion:


I probably won’t be in a classroom setting anytime soon. I see how this is good general practice though.

独身です。: however, this is very useful. Thank you again!

I’m glad to have one or two ways to introduce as a beginning. So very helpful, thanks!

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This probably wouldn’t go so well, lol.

Looks like @BIsTheAnswer got it covered. :slight_smile:

Full disclosure, that’s pretty much where I got it from.

Watch the first episode of Terrace House on Netflix and you’ll see this one repeated six times. :wink: It’s a pretty good basic intro.


I will try that the next time I need to introduce myself in japanese, :joy:


It’s really not helpful to joke about being a toxic ba*tard.

At this point, I’m trying to maximize contact with living people in real time, as opposed to pre-recorded video tutorial or info extracts, if I’m making good sense.

Have had Terrace House on my watch list for awhile though so this gives me an excellent excuse to watch it today. Appreciate that!