Pitch-Accent Awareness Corner

Japanese Ammo with Misa discusses pitch accent in many of her videos and has a couple which specifically cover the topic.


I’ve turned the OP into a wiki now :durtle_noice:


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Tobira has a new textbook for beginners, which interestingly includes this :open_mouth:


Wow, it’s so nice and colourful!

I figured I’d just post the link to the website for that textbook in case anyone wants to see what Tobira has put online for beginners:


@seanblue I’m guessing you know about dogen so I won’t bother to link his stuff (also looks like its in the main post)

But the other free online resources (I like free things) has been
This for general stuff

This for patterns

Theres also this anki deck (2 parts)


Thanks! That github page sure is something!

Right now I don’t have a reason to improve my accent, so I mostly study pitch accent passively. That is, I look things up when something catches my interest and try to pay attention when listening, but I don’t actively pracitce it. So I’m not planning to go through the whole document right now, but I bookmarked it for later. (I did just review the loanword section though because that was bugging me a few months ago and I couldn’t find consistent and good explanations. This one was much more useful.)

By the way, I’m sure you’ve seen/used OJAD before, but if you haven’t see this page I’d recommend checking it out: OJAD - 後続語検索. You can use it to double check the pitch accent of virtually every possible conjugation for any verb.

Thanks! Yeah I use this every now and then, but my yomichan has a pitch accent graph so usually I just type out the word and yomichan it if im on my computer lol.

If you are studying passively, I think the first one is actually a really good resource. I feel like it gives a solid overview of general patterns and things you can expect to see whereas the github one is more like specific stuff to just memorize. It is in japanese, but I don’t think its necessarily a challenging read. If you ever don’t understand something in it though, feel free to ask.

Including for the various conjugations? Or you just memorized the conjugation patterns well enough at this point that if you know the base pitch accent you can figure out the rest?

Thanks. I have read overviews before, so there’s a good chance I know many of the patterns it will mention, but it never hurts to read through these kinds of things again. At worst it’ll help reinforce what I already know, but I’m sure there’s stuff in there I don’t know too.

I’ll just have to review a few pitch accent terms first to make sure I can follow along!

For conjugations I just rely on patterns yeah. Its either a heiban or [-2] nakadaka anyways, so I feel like the patterns aren’t as bad for verbs as they might appear at first glance. I feel like its really usually a matter of it coming down to a few groups, so I just group them by fall position unlike the github one for some reason. For example, for heiban I would just think of it as

[High all the way through]
◎◎〜ウ LH〜H
⇨ ◎◎〜て・で LH〜H
⇨ ◎◎〜ない LH〜HH
⇨ ◎◎〜アれる LH〜HHH
⇨ ◎◎〜アせる LH〜HHH
⇨ ◎◎〜◎ます LH〜H(H)
⇨ ◎◎〜◎ますもの LH〜HHH(H)
⇨ ◎◎〜◎ますたい OR ◎◎〜◎ますた\い
[Drop second from last mora]
⇨ ◎◎〜ま\す LH〜HL
⇨ ◎◎〜ませ\ん LH〜HHHL
⇨ ◎◎〜オ\う LH〜HL
⇨ ◎◎〜エ\ば LH〜HL
⇨ ◎◎〜た\り LH〜HL
⇨ ◎◎〜た\ら LH〜HL
Other things to remember
⇨ ◎◎〜な\かった LH〜HLLL
⇨ ◎◎〜て・でお\いて LH〜HHLL

So then its really just two categories and two special cases for 99% of what you’re gonna see.


This might be useful to someone, idk.