Physical Dictionary Recommendation?

Looking for a physical J-E dictionary for ease of use and wondering what ones are good since dictionaries online are so often not. Looking at Merriam-Webster atm, I know I have Random House somewhere but can’t find it


I have several, which I can recommend:

“Kenkyusha’s New Collegiate Japanese-English Dictionary”
“Sanseido’s New Concise Japanese-English Dictionary”
“Shogakukan Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary”

I got mine all second hand off ebay. I would suggest you do the same, unless you need to have one with all the latest additions included, in which case you’re probably better off with an online source anyway. But if you’re reading older books/manga, you’ll finde some expressions still used in earlier editions of these dictionaries (or translated with relevant usage at the time).

Good hunting!


Found a good Kenkyusha used tysm!

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