Good Japanese Physical Dictionary

Can anyone recommend a good japanese <-> english physical dictionary? I need one with a) NO romaji, b) decent physical size, not the size of a postage stamp, er, and that’s about it.

How much do you want to spend? The Kenkyusha ‘Green Bible’ is going to be amongst the best dictionaries, but it’s pretty expensive especially if you want the newest edition. You can find used, older editions at a more relatively inexpensive price. What I currently use most of the time is a third edition Kenkyusha’s New Collegiate Japanese-English Dictionary. Picked it up at a Half Price books for about 10 bucks. It’s obviously not exhaustive, but it has nearly every word I’ve tried to look up so far.

Here’s a number of used copies:


These are the recommendations from the guy who manages the dictionary!

From interviews with people who work with translation the Kenkyusha’s 新和英大辞典 is the bible of japanese-english dictionaries.

The iphones come with the Wisdom 和英辞典 and the 英和 version too. I feel like it’s better than but probably no better than the Weblio english-japanese website.

I feel like Leebo must know some good options


Definitely try going to a Half Price books if there is one near you. Just as an update, today I scored a used 4th Edition 新和英大辞典 for $15 bucks. Yeah, it’s old but I expect it will be more than enough for my studies at the present point.

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