Anyone have Kenkyusha's New College J-E Dictionary 5th Edition?

I’m in the market for a new/better PAPER (not digital) J-E dictionary. I’d very much like to see a page of the Kenkyusha’s New College J-E Dictionary 5th (not 4th) Edition to judge character size (I’ve read it’s magnifying glass small) and to see how the headwords appear. Can one of you WaniKani-ers post a picture of a page for me please?


I don’t have that particular book you’re looking for, sorry, but in general I would suggest you have a look on eBay for it. I bought my dictionaries all on eBay and they all had photos of sample pages. This way I was also to pick up dictionaries from specific time-periods, which interest me to read books from. Good luck.

Thanks for the great suggestion. I looked and while indeed it’s usually the case that sellers show pictures of the inside pages, in the ONE version of this dictionary all you get is a picture of the cover!


Well, I found two on ebay. And while both don’t show interior shots, one cost USD 20 (plus tax) and the other USD 90 (plus tax). I don’t know what your budget is, but in either case it is worth dropping them a line and ask them if they maybe have a picture that would tell you if it’s to your liking.

Links (eBay):

good luck.

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