Phrases from Media that you can remember super easy

There are some phrases in my reviews that I always remember so easy due to them being in an anime or some other piece of media that I know, and the phrase just sticks in my head because I’m already familiar with it, and learning the kanji just feels extra satisfying.

Anyway, I wanna know YOUR easy to remember kanji that you saw/heard in Japanese media! Heres mine (which I’ve added a custom answer to, and unfortunately just burned. I’m gonna miss you 申し申し).



Like for the JJBA reference. :stuck_out_tongue:


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My absolute favorite is 大丈夫! which you probably heard before as well.


仕方ない (or 仕方がない in WK)
it’s so useful in real life as well


Depends on the anime/manga you read or watch some phrases:

  • 気を付けて - pretty common in Shounen action where the main characters friends often say before they go out for a battle or something.

  • 海賊 - Not a phrase exactly but the terms is hard to miss if you have ever watched One Piece

  • 有り難う - Super common

  • お客さん - If you’re into the Slice of Life genre then this one’s pretty common, especially in shows where the some character works at a shop, restaurant, etc.

One Piece has been pretty helpful for a lot of regular Kanji thanks to the devil fruits, cause a lot of devil fruits seem to be based on very simple everyday items (fire, wind, rubber, animals, etc)



though I didn’t notice the keigo お for a long long time.


Let me see. There are A LOT of words I know from anime that are super common, like 力, but here are some more obscure examples.

  • 人間 - is pretty common, but Zamasu from Dragonball truly hammered it into my head.
  • 集中 - I vividly remember that one scene from Naruto, when he tried to learn Rasengan and couldn’t concentrate without a mark on his hand, so he chanted 集中 集中 集中
  • 火山 - This one I learned from DBZ opening from the phrase 火山を爆発させる (so I know 爆発 too)
  • まっすぐ自分の言葉は曲げねぇそれがオレの忍道だ - Naruto’s famous line, “I will never go back on my word, that’s my ninja way,” which I’ve known for 10+ years
  • オレに勝てるのはオレだけだ - Aomine’s “The only one who can beat me is me” from 黒子のバスケ. This phrase is like a motto to me and I use it to remember a few of the grammar rules
  • 君は絶望という名の希望に微笑む - “Smile at hope in the name of despair” from Danganronpa series. 絶望 and 希望 in particular, you can’t play those games and NOT remember these words. Also 類史上最大最悪の絶望的事件 from the same games (The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History)

Aaaand I’m gonna stop for now or else I’ll make you a dictionary :slight_smile:


major props for the Aomine love. My mother is actually a huge fan and I sometimes catch her saying it too!

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That’s the hardest sentence I could remember before even starting to learn Japanese. People who have watched a lot of anime can hear the feminine voice saying these words after the opening.


Basically the thing detective Conan says all the time.


Some of the words that I’ve picked up from One Piece are:

かいぞく-pirate,ちず-map, なに-what,とみ-wealth,やった-hooray, ばか-idiot, and ゴム-rubber.

and おに (ogre) from Wednesday Campenella’s Momotaro


Nice topic


I always remember the りょく reading for 力 thanks to JJBA. “スタンド能力”

Also I think 代 appears in the One piece intro. Dai kaizoku jidai? Not sure about that.

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Well, 時代(jidai) does contain 代

I guessed so from the definition of 代 but I didn’t know which Kanji used the first “Ji”.

Thank you :relieved:

Also from One piece, Mugi for wheat 麦
I still have problems associating the kanji with it’s meaning but once I know it’s wheat the next second I have mugi in my head


番組 - always hear it in jdrama “この 番組 blabla sponsor おくりします”


Wow, you’re be third one mentioning that sentence in the span of a few hours. I guess it is popular :sweat_smile:

I don’t hear this phrase that often anymore. I guess you mostly hear it before an actual broadcast… Back in the day, when all the anime fan-subs came on an n:th generation VHS-tape, I heard it all the time. I kind of miss it. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic.


I’ve only ever heard this phrase used as a joke in 男子高校生の日常.

But of course there are a lot of items I learned from anime first, such as different numbers (一つ、二つ、…), directions(右、左、…)and many many other things.

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