Persona 4 SRS items - link to download and instructions

Some of you are probably playing through P4G right now. Thanks to some kanji and word frequency lists for P4 (NOT Golden) that I found, I was able to throw together some spaced repetition system (SRS) items that you can import to Houhou, a free SRS program (very Wanikani-like) for you to practice the kanji and vocabulary you’ll come across in the game.

I organized the items by frequency rank, Wanikani level and JLPT level. You’ll find a more detailed writeup and download/installation instructions on the repo page:

Link to download and instructions for Persona 4 SRS items

Disclaimer: This is the first iteration of a simple personal project, so I absolutely can’t guarantee the correctness of all the SRS items! Please direct any corrections or feedback to the contact info in the readme or make a pull request. Thanks!


There is also an audio deck the for the game, if you need translation and more context. Smaller set of sentences, for lower intermediate learners.

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Hehe, sounds good but I’d appreciate a good fusion calculator more. I only found a single super simple one and it’s in english.

I remember P5 had much better ones.


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