Kaitenji, an upcoming SRS japanese learning tool

I recently discovered this tool through Twitter.

It seems to be an SRS learning system similar to Wanikani, with the particularity of being able to configure mnemonics, time intervals, and add your own vocabulary, kanji, or even grammar.

It has not been released yet and we still do not know what will be the type of monetization for which they will opt. It really is an ambitious application and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result.

In any case, it is good news for the community that a new resource for learning Japanese will be released soon.

Kaitenji Discord channel: https://discord.gg/EuMXpKx


Looks like what you’d get if you watched the forums here for a few weeks and just threw all those complaints into one site.


I… I don’t know how to feel about this.

WK with better focus on vocab learning, KW and BunPro all in one application… isn’t that exactly what ppl want?
Their website exists since July 2017, which could mean they’re working on this project for almost a year now… might be serious :wink:


I saw this a couple of months ago, so there must be a thread on the forums about it somewhere but I can’t find it at all…

The demo seems very simple, but it’s not clear whether that’s how the final product will behave. It also doesn’t explain how the ‘600+ grammar’ will work, which I’m intrigued by.

Agreed that it seems like ‘WaniKani for people who don’t like WaniKani’. It basically seems like WaniKani but without the guided nature. The mnemonics are provided by the community, and if there are no radicals and you can add items to any level then the ordering can’t be particularly structured. Less focused on delivering structured content they’ve produced and more focused on providing a system that works how the user wants.

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I would really like to see something more than what is currently shown on the website before I would be able to voice my opinion on this. But having more options for consumers is always a plus. Also, the sushi-train character is cute! :slight_smile:


It looks incredibly promising, I am looking forward to see it live. Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I am intrigued. I signed up to see what comes of it.

With reservations.


Oh lawd it’s even using Tofugu’s own technology against them. The disrespect :joy:


That was my first thought when I saw the autoconvert input box :')

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Copy is the highest form of praise :face_with_monocle:


I have asked the author if he wants to introduce the app himself here, in order to answer any possible community questions.

He forwarded me a link to a Discord channel he just created for this kind of issues. I’ll share it with you.

Kaitenji Discord channel: https://discord.gg/EuMXpKx

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It’s like someone finally heard my wishes, I always wanted Anki, but not for free.


… not sure if I like it. D<

Well, it has a certain WK feel about it. The Facebook page looks deserted, but they are quite active on twitter. So many SRS websites, one is spoilt for choice.


Harsh :rofl:

haha I got the same error. This error alone would probably bring me to hate the system. I often forget to press the “n” two times

And yes It definitely looks like some kind of WaniKani rip-off :smiley:

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Pretty sure asking the author to come over to present his product is not allowed by the moderators, and for good reason too. Discussions beyond what you’ve presented should be had off this platform. It’s just disrespectful to put a WK clone up and advertise it on WK…

Some threads really are just sharing new things and discussing them. This one feels like blatant advertising of a clone.

At least they use the latest version


Oh. I’m sorry if it looks like I’m presenting it that way.

I was the first to react with skepticism about Kaitenji when I discovered it on Twitter. And I agree that the similarities with Wanikani are more than obvious, and even uncomfortable.

I had seen other threads dedicated to this type of tools on the forums, like in the case of Bunpro, in which the author gives support through a thread. I thought it was viable for the author to do something similar with his application, maybe I have been too naive.

I understand that it looks like I’m advertising it :sweat_smile:. No problem in deleting the thread if necessary. I would understand it perfectly well.

Kaitenji is objectively more advanced than Wanikani :eyes:


I think you’ll be ok as long as the creator doesn’t come over to actively promote the product, which is clearly meant to compete and looks disturbingly similar from a design standpoint.