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Looking for some advise as I can’t understand how this is incorrect. I have my first lesson for kanji and 人 came up… The highlighted words in the mnemonic are Nintendo Jeans, Ni N Ji N にんじん but when I put this into the box it says it’s wrong? Can anyone explain to me how to correct this please?



You should enter either にん or じん
Not both of them :sweat_smile:

P. S. にんじん (人参 ) is actually carrot :carrot:


To add, the reading(s) being taught are on the left side of your image. Notice that there is a comma, indicating that it is either にん or じん.



I think trunklayer and seanblue have explained the readings to you, so I’ve not much to elaborate on that, except that they teach you both readings for 人 when learning the kanji (whereas a lot of kanji will only teach you one reading) because those are both very common readings found in vocabulary. Like 人参にんじん (carrot) as has been pointed out, hehe.

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Welcome, @InfinityMadison. I just wanted to add that the readings here are not necessarily exhaustive either (e.g. 生), but as @Joeni mentioned are chosen to support the vocabulary you’ll also be learning as you go. So, while having a bunch of readings attached to each kanji can feel quite overwhelming at first, there is a reason to do it this way. But try to stay loose, as you may learn other readings out in the wild in the future.

One more thing - the example you’ve given, 人, is particularly auspicious because a lot of people, including me, often forget which reading it takes when using it in different words. Start focusing on that difference between “nintendo” and “jeans” in your mind now, and add it into the stories and mnemonics you learn or create for individual words. Good luck on your journey.


:joy: seems so obvious now that you’ve said it! Thank you!

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Hahaha… definitely misunderstood but makes total sense now, thank you! :joy:


I think it’s safe to say I’ll never forget the word for carrot! :joy: thank you for all those guides, I had found them the other day but clearly not everything went in… Will go back through them to make sure I can use this site as best as possible - thank you!


Yes, I think I didn’t understand that they are supposed to have two uses - more than I thought you were meant to use both together! Thank you for your help on this :smile:


I think there’s a userscript that lets you enter multiple but I can’t find it…

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