Help memorizing 求人

Does anyone have a good mnemonic/method for remembering that 求人 is きゅうじん and not きゅうにん? I’ve probably failed this word 10 times now.

I usually do じん vs にん by trying to reason why in the former case the person would be stronger, because j is a sharper sound. And of course you would want someone that’s strong as an employee. But tbh, most of the time if you just acknowledge the fact that this exists, that alone lets you remember it.

My mnemonic: STOP TYPING きゅうにん YOU にんBICILE!

Hope it helps.


How about watching a ton of 求人ボックス commercials.


Haruka-chan… /@_@\

You’ll never get a job if you spend all your time playing にんtendo games at home in your sweatpants. Put on your じんs and go pound the pavement!

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This is too good. I feel like applying for my dream baito at a sakana-ya right now. :smiley:

@MultipleMono practice lots of words with nin and jin in them. Eventually your brain will figure out which is which and you’ll guess the correct “human” instinctively.

It often helps me to think whether they are talking about people in general or a specific person when choosing between にん or じん. Like here they want a person, so it would be じん. This is not bulletproof method tho, but so far it has been useful.

I imagined 求人 as a “Help wanted” sign posted on store window, and a person who would accidentally see it and go inside to get hired would be wearing jeans (as opposed to business suit attire).

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