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I average about 86% correct almost every time except during the start of a level, like 70%, and the very end, about 90%. Firstly, how is this in comparison to others, and secondly, what can I do to improve it? I could probably remove a day or two from my level up time if I scored higher.

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These are my stats:


Definitely not bad, but 94% is not the best as well, at least compared to everyone (There’s people who get close to 100% on everything).

In order to get the results I get, I review what I learned. I’m not saying you have to do extra studying, not at all, although this can work as well.

I usually do my reviews altogether (80 items at a time). After finishing my reviews, I use the screen where it shows all the items you’ve learned to review once again before logging off. Simply, look at the item you learned, and recall the reading and meaning, and then mouse over the item to see if you got it right. Works like a charm for me.

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I’ve been trying to spend more and more time during the lessons. I try to read over every new lesson multiple times and really soak in the mnemonics. Then I try to wait a few minutes before testing the lesson, so I’m not passing the lesson tests just from short term memory.

Some vocabulary doesn’t require this much work, such as when you’ve got compound words that are built out of onyomi from the kanji you just learned.

My stats are pretty mediocre compared to most ones I’ve seen:



Somewhere in between the others posted so far :wink:

edit: Also, my strategy is to go through lessons relatively fast and then separate the stuff that comes easily from the stuff I need to concentrate on more with the first day of reviews.

For kanji in particular, I usually get them figured out after 3-4 failed reviews on the first day at the worst. The repeated short-delay reviews always manage to the get the readings and meanings in my head.

Vocab is usually more hit and miss, where I tend to either get it right away and easily or it becomes a thorn in my side for 30 levels.

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maybe my accuracy has gone down a little bit… oops
as long as we’re learning at a good pace, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about!


I do this too! Maybe that’s why my accuracy has gone down recently, as I only implemented this strategy a couple weeks ago.

My average (in the middle of a level and beyond) tends to be from 80 to 90. I get very low when starting a new level. Especially on Pink sections / regular kanji.

@quadack Are you talking about the percentage from the stats site, the percentage that you see while doing reviews, or the percentage you see on the summary page after finishing reviews? I get the sense it’s the last of the three, but I wanted to check. If that is the case, don’t compare to anything people post from the stats site because that will always be higher than what’s shown on the summary page.


I always aim for 100% but am happy with 90%+ I feel like if I’m getting <90, I should slow myself down to make sure I’m actually absorbing things, but it’s hard. Wanistats is a blessing/curse because sometimes I need to remind myself that taking 7 days or 8 days for a level doesn’t really matter, what matters is that I learn the material.

I don’t really mind getting stuff wrong when I don’t know the answer, I feel like that’s letting the SRS system work the way it should. I just hate when I make a typo of something I know. I do have the ignore answer script installed on my computer, but I do a lot of reviews on my phone on the train, and it’s even easier for me to make typos on my phone. Slowing down and checking my work before hitting “submit” has always been a challenge for me, from back in school/taking standardized tests, I hated doing it, but it helps up my accuracy loss from stupid typos. I also find that the more lessons I have, the sloppier I tend to get, which is not good, haha. I definitely focus more when I have, say, 7 reviews versus 80.

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