Wouldn't let me sign in with username

I had to enter my email, not a big deal but kinda weird?

Then during a review it said it was unable to display item info due to an error. Seems to be a lot of problems with Wanikani lately… Don’t want to complain, but a little annoying as I just bought lifetime a few months ago hahaha.

Anyone else having similar issues?

It’s not a bug. They made this change recently, and it was done on purpose.

This part, I don’t know about. Haven’t had issues like that myself, yet.

The needing to log in with your email this is intentional. It’s a change they made recently to make it more secure, since usernames are public

The error displaying item info is an actual issue, though, and may be a new bug as I don’t remember anyone saying they’ve experienced that particular error (displaying the wrong item info, yes, but idk if that’s been resolved; I’ve pretty exclusively used TsuruKame after the major update lol)

you should have gotten an email about the login change


This happened last month…


You should be specific. What item? Screenshot?

I agree. It seems that the new UI using a new framework rolled out into production with lots of bugs.

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Ah right I must have missed the email! Thanks for the replies. Yeah I didn’t take a screenshot but it hasn’t happened again since… I was on mobile so perhaps it was my connection. Makes sense about usernames not being as secure. Just assumed the worst because there are so many posts about problems people are having. I didn’t do my reviews last night as I thought my account had been locked out or something, didn’t really investigate/try very much lol.


Hey! Let us know at hello@wanikani.com if your issue persists!

Big thanks to the community for helping willthelearner out too! We appreciate it! :pray:

-Nick at WK

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