"Parts of this page are not secure"

I noticed that the new forums are using HTTP rather than HTTPS for some of its connections.

Some cases might be inevitable (such as maybe when users embed from websites that do not support HTTPS?). But I just checked and it seems most of the HTTP connections are made to http://schema.org and http://data-vocabulary.org, both of which seem to support HTTPS.

Are these loaded by WaniKani? Or are those URLs inherited from Discourse? If possible, maybe they’re worth upgrading to a secure connection?

weird, shows as secure to me on chrome! might be because i use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, though

I use it too, but FWIW I saw this on Firefox :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yup. Chrome does not tell me about insecure elements in the page. But they are there :spy:

checked it on Firefox, too. still shows as secure to me.

Weird. Firefox doesn’t show them anymore. :upside_down_face:

It should be 100% secure (full https coverage). It’s all under Let’s Encrypt cert I believe.

If you can share what parts of the forums (URLs) are insecure I can forward them to our Discourse host for investigation.

In the same vein, are you running any scripts which would override elements on a page (inject non https elements?).

Yeah, I’m not sure what my computer had been smoking, to be honest. It reported “some elements” not being secure, but after a while (and of course, after I had posted about it) even Firefox stopped reporting them (and they are now no longer reported).

So, either the problem fixed itself, or there was never a problem and I was involuntarily spreading FUD.

Either way, this seems done. Sorry for the fuss! :blush:

The URLs that I thought might be responsible are some links to schema.org and data-vocabulary.org, but those links are still there and my browser no longer complains, so I guess they’re fine.

FWIW: The only thing I’m running that messes with this page is the userscript with indicators for lessons and reviews.

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