Returning user overwhelmed

How do I get back to regular revision? I finished up to level 3 last year but now all my reviews have piled up :weary:

There are too many to revise! How can i practice a select few kanji in a short session?

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If you’re only on level 3 I would actually recommend resetting unless you think you’ll remember a large portion. I’ve reset a lot of times, often more than 3 levels, and it doesn’t set you back as much as you think it would. It also feels better personally to feel like I’m making progress (even on levels I’ve done before) compared to constantly catching up. Try to do some and if you’re getting most or all correct I wouldn’t reset but otherwise it’s not that much of a setback.


I just recently reset from level 20 because I took several months off. I’m still not sure if I made the right choice yet…


I’d also recommend resetting, you are at a level where it will have a very small difference in time if you’re worried about it.
You can also just tackle the reviews in small chunks, no one says you have to do it one sitting. Do some reviews and when you’re tired, just wrap up the session.


Thanks for the recommendations all, resetting sounds like the best solution :blush:

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Welcome back @Legoless san :wave:

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Hello there and welcome back :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if resetting is the best option.

I didn’t do reviews in a while (a lot was going on) and found myself at 560 reviews :sweat_smile: So what I’m doing is reviewing whenever I have time. I’m doing that in batches by using jakeeipu. Here I can just do 20 at once which is much easier for me than committing to 50 in one session. Usually I’ll end up doing 60 reviews in one session anyways ^^

Then, when I’m not reviewing, I’m turning on vacation mode. That way no new reviews start piling up again. I found this to be very effective.

Short answer: reset, and don’t do too many lessons per day if you’re easily overwhelmed.

I was on level 9 when I reset after over a year long break. It sucked at the start because I (surprisingly) remembered most items up until level 5-6 but it also served as further motivation (in a “I am good at this!” kind of way).

I’ve just speed ran to level 13 and my accuracy is starting to suffer, my apprentice items are approaching 200+ and my daily reviews are going over 250 (and I haven’t gotten to reviewing any enlightened items yet).

It’s becoming overwhelming so after I reach level 15, I am planning to take it a bit slower.

Slow progress always beats overdoing it, getting overwhelmed and having to quit.

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