Output focused exercises?

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you know online exercises that are rather focused on output than input? Unfortunately, besides WK I don’t have many options to check if my sentences are right or wrong. I know jtest4you has many grammar practice exercises but you have to tick the answers so yeah.

There’s lang-8, but earlier today people were saying in another thread that registering isn’t possible right now. HiNative is another site, made for asking language questions, but lang-8 is designed for the sole purpose of having natives make corrections to your text.

There are also lots of ways to find language exchange partners. I had a lot of luck with the language exchange forum at japan-guide. You can browse the list of people requesting partners or just post your own. If you’re clear about your goals and willing to reciprocate on theirs, you’ll have loads of people willing to correspond.

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Registering on lang8 is indeed not possible right now, if you try that, they’ll suggest you sign up for HiNative instead.

Does it mean they’re going to move lang8 to HiNative or something? :confused:

I read something about them dealing wit spam accounts… so hopefully they’ll enable registering again eventually.