Best way to practice forming Japanese:

I have been doing a lot of reading recently, but when I try to form thoughts in Japanese, I am never sure if they make sense. Is there a good app/website/etc. to translate or make sure my grammar is accurate for phrases I make up?

You can write them down and have them corrected by a teacher or someone on a language exchange social network.


Lang-8 / HelloTalk, Tandem, and the Discord English / Japanese channel are great places to talk about random things and have them corrected by native speakers. iTalki is a good place if you want to pay a tutor on-demand.


I’d second HelloTalk, it’s especially good for gaining tips about sounding fluent and not like a textbook. Obviously there are some things that might be harder like people correcting using slang etc. (just like in any language!) but it’s fun, I do like little diary posts every so often and even if they don’t make sense, the fluent people reading will correct it for me and I’ll learn something new/ get to talk to someone so it’s all a bonus!

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HiNative is another great app for getting sentence/short thought feedback and correction!

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