Lang-8 Active? Alternatives?

I see this topic has been discussed a few years ago, just wondering if anything is out there in 2021

I have an old Lang-8 account from way back when, and I was going to start using it again. I notice there’s still a bit of activity there, but they aren’t allowing new sign-ups anymore (not sure if they’re closing down soon?)

I’d really like a website/app just like lang-8, where you make a journal entry and a native speaker can correct it, while I correct others’ journal entries.

On lang-8 they refer you to a new site called HiNative, but that’s just for asking questions, not really journaling.

I found LangCorrect, but it doesn’t look too active either.

I’m not ready in my language skills to have a live chat just yet, I’d really rather prefer the journaling method for now.

Any advice? Are Lang-8 and LangCorrect active enough these days, or do you know any other journaling-type websites/apps?


I think HelloTalk might fit your needs. There’s a chat component to it but you can ignore that - the Moments thing looks like what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure sign-ups have been closed for some time, or it was like by invite only or something. I still use Lang-8 every so often and without fail, I’ll get at least 2-4 corrections on all my entries, so I think it"s not quite dead yet. There are always lots of new entries listed for me to correct, at least, and the more entries you correct, the more corrections you usually get. That being said, I’m always down for another resource. :sweat_smile:

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I found the other day. I’m not sure if there’s a huge community on there, but I think it’s worth trying out. It has a free and paid version, but I don’t think you’ll miss out on a lot if you go with the free version.

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