Outdated Technology: Keyboard


I still like physical keyboards more than touchscreen keyboard, kana flick, or anything else. The only upside is that it gets dirty easily, and hard to clean.

More like I am adapted to it.


Oh riccyjay-ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿ. Teach us humble servants the way of the true believer.

Ran out of likes, had to make an actual post instead.


Actually, one-hand manipulators are also outdated.
As you eat with one hand and hold the Tea Of Wisdom cup with the other, you should use this device to do your reviews!


wowzow! this script is a real quicker jacker!
it is as if my thoughts are transmitted to the screen with just two or three buttons.


Teach us how you connect with Crabigator with your thoughts. Do you happen to use @trunklayer 's recommended device?
I truly visualize this:


The most efficient way to get through hundreds of reviews (if it still works) would be my nuke command :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thanks for the offer but if i used it iโ€™d feel like iโ€™d be betraying the crabigator :รž


I think Wanikani should in true Japanese way accept answers via Fax only. Handwritten on a paper that you can buy only from Tofugu webshop, that you then have to fax to WK and wait 2-3 business days for the answer to be checked.


Fax only. Takes ten years to finish. Perfect.
I actually write down the kanjis and vocab that I get wrong, in order to push myself into learning them.


@kristen is waiting for your faxes.


true apprentices hand calligraph their reviews on rice paper scrolls and deliver them to the crabigator on the back of a burning turtle


Outdated technology: your mom.


Donโ€™t we have a fax in the office? I feel like we doโ€ฆ



Not a physical machine in the office, no. We do have an account with a online FAX service.


Maybe Koichi is plugged to the phone line and writes down the fax manually.


Lol, who cleans keyboards?


Those asking how to communicate with the Crabigator: you are asking the wrong questions. We learn by not asking. Consider this timeless paradox:

To get reviews, you must first not do reviews.
If you do reviews, you will soon have no reviews.
Therefore, is the fastest way to get to 60 not to not do reviews?

If a tree falls on a one handed frog trying to clap as he hops halfway across a pond in a forest where no one can hear, will the Crabigator reveal himself?

Think on these things. Do not try to communicate with the Crabigator. Only by not trying will he hear you.


You should give us the number and print out all our terrible kanji review writing practice and laugh yourselves to sleep every night.


Wiser words were never spoken! Surely, he is a messenger from Kis Allicrabiness!