Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Chapter 2 - Part 2 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Chapter 2 - Part 2


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Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 5 Jun 17th Chapter 2 - Part 2 67 - 82 16

Ebook offset seems to be -2. So ebook page 3 is physical 5.

Last panel

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I might actually be able to start this week’s reading before next week’s thread goes up! Yay!


You got this! :smiley:


Looked up 社交(しゃこう) in a dictionary because I wanted to check if the meaning was more like folk dance or group/school dance and I was not expecting
Who says that???


With Ouran, I can’t help but feel that the thing I’m learning most from this manga is odd synonyms…


This manga is difficult to follow as the scenes change rapidly and without warning. I am not accustomed to such a style, but it is incredibly amusing. Apparently, having a reverse harem in my life was something I truly needed. I’ve managed to read a bit ahead. Yay!


I read one and a half pages today. Looks like the text density on the next page and a half is going to be pretty intense, so I will leave that for another day.


The first page was already quite intense (I think I added 10 words from it to the vocab sheet, lol), but fortunately some other pages are also a bit less text-dense. I’m getting use to the style, but I still struggle a bit with the new words and some of the handwritten bubbles.


I’m almost done for this week, but I have two main pages/bubbles I’m struggling a bit with:

Page 76

I understood it as something along the lines of: “Ahaha, that is so (like you) Haruhi-kun, but it’s not possible, right? He is truly a high class son of a distinguished family, can’t you see?”
I am a bit unsure of the use of 一流作業 though, as the separate meaning of 一流 (first/high class) and 作業 (work) together doesn’t make a lot of sense for me?

Also, I feel like I’m maybe missing something in the nuance/feeling of the page… I do have a feeling that it’s related to what is revealed a few pages later, that the two characters are engaged. But I don’t know if she meant what she said as a bit sarcastic, which is why he awkwardly laughs in the next panel?

Page 80

First box: 熱き討論 = heated discussion; 自立 = independent(ly); 精神 = mind or attitude (?); 養う = to support/maintain. I feel like I get it separately, but not together? Maintaining an independent mindset/attitude towards (when dealing with?) a heated discussion?

Second box: 確執 shows as discord, antagonism in jisho for me, but I guess the nuance is more that they don’t get along with each other? Also, I saw that 言及 means reference/allusion. So is what Tamaki is saying: “…regarding the discord (conflict?) between Suzushima and Kasuga”?

Page 76

たら: (typically after someone’s name) indicates exasperation
無理ない: understandable, no wonder
とても: by no means
一流企業: first-class business/enterprise
御曹子: son of a distinguished family
には見えない: does not look like
もの: person

Page 80

First box: Heated debate(s) foster(s) independent mind(?)
熱き討論: is the subject here.
Second box: I think so, too.


@MissDagger Sorry to bother, but is Chapter 2 Part 3’s thread ready?

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I’m just about to make it. Here it is: Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Chapter 2 - Part 3 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)


Thank you!

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8 pages read today! I had to sidetrack for various reasons this past week, so I still have 3 pages left in this section.

I’m really enjoying seeing where the manga is different from the anime! The way page 74-79 (print version) happens in the anime maybe feels a little more natural, but I think the way it happens in the manga is actually more fun. :blush: And I loved the Mori-senpai moment that we get in the manga!


Mori senpai is really getting all the best moments :ok_hand:


Read the last 3 pages! I have two questions.

  1. page 81, the handwritten box in the top panel. Can anyone tell me what it says or provide cheat mode or something? I’m very curious.
2. page 82

In the third panel, in response to ダンスの方は順調か? Haruhi says 今日練習してればね :droplet: and then one of the twins says まあ なんとかなんだろ

Umm. So the question is something like “is the dance going to be okay”. And I guess Haruhi is saying something like, “well it would [be okay] if I could practice today”. And then the other twin says … I’m just not sure how to interpret this one.



page 82: 「まあ何とかなるだろう」の英語・英語例文・英語表現 - Weblio和英辞書


Me too. Especially since I’ve seen the anime so many times (my favorite one!), it gives some freshness to the whole thing to have these small different moments. :slight_smile:

For me personally, I’m not sure if the manga is getting easier or if I just lowered my acceptable comprehension level. :sweat_smile: Maybe when I’ve caught up again, I’ll go back to striving for higher comprehension. ^^