Other gamey resources?

The reason main reasons I really love Wanikani is because it feels like a game and also has a sleek design. I know there are some Japanese learning games out there but they are usually meant for like the very very beginners (so they focus on something like hiragana and katakana), have way too much English for my liking and/or they’re really outdated looking. So anyone know any other actually good ones?


Hi !

Have you tried looking in this thread ?

Else, as a game/learning tool, I like Drops (an application on smartphone).


Have you thought about actual games? :joy: Japan has a fair few, and they are oftentimes great for language learning.


Oh yeah I’ve also been using Drops!

Since you mentioned it, sorry I’ll complain a little bit here because I’ve wanted to talk about this with another Drops user.
Though I really like the app as a whole, the fact they have the same categories in all languages really shows. I remember studying the beach category and like half the words were just katakana english, and then there’ll suddenly be something like 滑り落ちる which felt super out of place. It’s probably around the same level as the other words in other languages, but in Japanese it’s like they’ll have super basic and very advanced stuff in the same levels and it just feels wrong sometimes.

Also thanks, I’ll check the thread!

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Actually yeah, my main problem has been that I’d like to play some that I already own which have voice acting, but they don’t have the option to change the language because of the version of the game. Like I want to play Persona 5 Royal in Japanese, but the god damn language won’t change and paying another 50 euros for another copy of a game I already own seems very stupid. I’ve also already paid for the entirety of the Danganronpa series, now why would I have to do that again simply because I’d like to play it in a different language. In my opinion they should really offer downloadable language pathes for free.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I played danganronpa (a month ago) it had choosable language. Though it was on the switch.

Would stories in Japanese that look like games count ?


I own them on the PS4 :frowning: I think changing the language would probably work on PC but yeah, don’t have them on that. Crime confession, I actually tried to Pirate Ultra Despair Girls onto my computer because I figured it’s kind of fair since I do actually own the game and payed for it but felt annoyed because of the lacking language options, but I couldn’t get it to work.

I find that Switch games in general tend to be better when it comes to switching languages, but sadly most games I own on Switch don’t have voice acting. At the moment I’m way better with listening than I am with reading, so I don’t think I could enjoy a game in Japanese without voice acting.

Actually yeah, that seems kind of interesting. What are those from?

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makes sense, it’s the switch after all


Lol I should’ve thought of that one

Here (disclaimer : I am the owner of that site)

If you’re interested I’d recommend starting with this one as it is the easiest.

(I am not a native speaker but everything has been proofread by a one)


This is really cool! I see it’s under construction and I hate making feature requests for free products but… have you thought about adding a toggle somewhere to turn off the furigana? That’s my favorite feature of NHK Easy. At this point, furigana is pretty much a non-starter for me as it gives me less chances to “quiz myself as I go.” Just a thought!


Thanks :slight_smile: . You’re not the first person asking for it so I am now considering adding it.


as soon as I have free time I will start playing ‘boku no natsu yasumi’ (on psp), it is very recommended since it is calm and smooth in dialogues in daily rural situations.

the other one would be samurai shodown RPG, for a long time it was not english translated, it looks like there is one translation now but not very good.


I’ve seen the game recommended a lot on Game Gengo. I think that when I pick up my first game that I’ll actually intend to mostly understand in Japanese it’ll probably be that one or Ni No Kuni


Renshuu.org feels really “gamey.” You have an avatar that evolves as you progress and you can change their look over time. They also have an actual Shirtori game system and not just a forum thread that genuinely is really fun to play. They have other games too, but the shiritori one is worth it.


The grammar resource I see mentioned most often is Bunpro. I have lifetime there too and I like it! For best results, I recommend using other resources (which the site provides) as you review each grammar point.

I’ve been there. I don’t know why it’s frustrating to play things in Japanese on purpose, but it really does feel like developers resist it at all costs! I’ve noticed that recent JRPGs are better about this, such as the Seiken Densetsu 3 and Live A Live remakes.

I was going to mention: PSP games are a good bet for Japanese games to practice on. It’s not region-locked and a lot of good games on that system have voice acting: Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X; Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth; the Dept. Heaven series; Ys vs. Sora; Zero/Ao no Kiseki; Nayuta no Kiseki…


The whole evolving avatar thing actually sounds super fun, it’s exactly the type of thing I’ve hoped for

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That’s actually exactly why I’ve been considering getting a PSP. They tend to be a little expensive, but I might invest in one at some point, especially since I’m also pretty invested in the homebrew scene (as in like I follow it, I haven’t actually really done anything myself)

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