What resources beside WaniKani do you use?

I was wondering what other resources (books, websites etc) that people use to learn japanese since WaniKani is “only” kanji?

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Grammar: first the CureDolly youtube channel, then BunPro plus regular reading. Also watched 日本語の森 videos.

Vocab: Torii and FloFlo.

For listening: Netflix for watching with JP subs, Crunchyroll for watching without any subs, and Let’s Plays for conversational Japanese.


Genki 1+2
Tae Kim


Hikibiki podcast
Jlpt stories podcast


I hadn’t found the best resources (other than wanikani) so far but I find that playing Japanese videogames and setting my games to Japanese helps me have more exposure to kanjis in a more contextual manner, like for instance on Minecraft bedrock edition I often see the kanjis for specific colors, names of meats, materials, tools and generally of any item out there.

Also with my emulator I got Mother 2 (Earthbound in the west) for it and it helps provide me more hiragana and katakana based reading, getting me more familiar with reading in the language.

I have kept away from Cure Dolly for so long since I thought it was creepy after 10 seconds, but after seeing you recommend her all the time I had to give her a serious chance. All I can say is thanks, I have begun to actually understand some grammar!


Highly agree with @Omun on this. I have a BunPro subscription and plan to watch more Cure Dolly soon.

Seconding Genki here, I only have the first book and workbook so far. Once I save some money, I will purchase the updated edition and workbook for Genki II.

Once I get somewhat of a foundation on some sentences I will then attempt some NHK News Easy. I am currently watching Naruto on Netflix, albeit with subtitles, for listening familiarization. I will do no subs later on once I get better at it.

Hope this helps you @Linka421! All the best on your language journey!


I used LingoDeer for Japanese I-II grammar initially, and for review I use my own Anki cards - pretty similar to using BunPro to reinforce Genki/your book of choice, I just happen to make my own cards.

Also Genki’s and LingoDeer’s vocab lists for non-wanikani words. I put those in Anki too.

Now that I’ve hit the end of the LingoDeer and Genki path I guess I’ll have to decide what to add next …

I use Remembering the Kanji in addition to WaniKani for the kanji. I practice grammar and speaking by going through the Genki books with a teacher on italki. If you ever consider italki, I would recommend a man called Kenya Watanabe. Stellar teacher. :slight_smile:

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