Orange 🍊 Orange x 夢みる太陽 (Chapter 34)

Orange x 夢みる太陽 (Chapter 34)

Obs! If you are reading or planing to read 夢みる太陽 (Dreaming Sun), then you might want to wait to read this chapter since there are seems to be spoilers for that story here.

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Chapter comments:

Silly, kinda stupid, but also kinda funny. There were a few words I could have looked up, but I decided to skip all of that since this chapter is just a silly goof. ^^

Short and sweet, so unlike me. :joy:

Before I can potentially read this chapter, I must know one thing. Just a brief otherwise-non-spoiler response.


Is he kidding about this alleged 奥さん, or does he have an 奥さん who is mentioned/shown later in the chapter?

Because I’m halfway through Dreamin’ Sun, and he has no 奥さん. (Granted, in volume 1 of the series, I felt the mangaka was preparing to get him together with a specific character, but I still want to believe that won’t happen.)

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You are asking for a response to this question, correct? If so, the answer is: he does have an 奥さん. If you want me to elaborate in any way, let me know, but I’ll leave it like that for now.

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Thanks, that answer is all I needed to know.

I can’t read this chapter yet!

Looks like I’ll be back after reading the last half of Dreamin’ Sun (five more volumes).

It will be weird continuing Dreamin’ Sun knowing he’s eventually getting an 奥さん. Highly unexpected for him.

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I haven’t read the things behind the spoiler tags - but if I’m going to read Dreaming Sun, should I wait to read this chapter? @ChristopherFritz you can probably answer that best!



Page three of this chapter spoils something major that happens in the latter half of Dreamin’ Sun (which I haven’t read yet). I dare not read any more of this chapter, or it’ll certainly spoil the details of that major thing.

(Reading five volumes of Dreamin’ Sun in 2.5 months, I thought I was taking it in a bit fast. Maybe I was going too slow!)


Thanks - I bought several volumes of Dreaming Sun while in Japan (I thought I bought the whole series but didn’t!). I plan to read it when time allows or if there’s a club.


I added a warning to the OP about this chapter potentially spoiling Dreaming Sun.


Finally, I’ve reached the end of Dreamin’ Sun, aside from two aside chapters at the end.

Dreamin Sun Spoilers Within

When we reached this bonus chapter in Orange, I just reached the point where in Dreamin’ Sun, the main character, Shimana, basically said, “The guy I like is in a relationship, so I don’t have a chance with him. Perhaps I’ll 好き the cold, distant landlord that doesn’t particularly like women.”

I felt from early on that this series didn’t have anyone that Shimana would pair well together with. And seeing at the start of this bonus chapter of Orange that said landlord was married, that suggested that he and Shimana would end up together. (Unfortunate spoiler, but it is what it is.)

The following several volumes of Dreaming Sun had a lot of back and forth on Shimana and the landlord kind of almost getting together, but not, but somewhat, then splitting, then kind of being back together, then apart again, and so on.

In the end, the two do indeed get married.

And with that, I can finally read this bonus chapter!

Thoughts on the Final Chapter (plus some Dreamin' Sun spoilers)


Shimana very well knew how he gets after one drink, and she still transitioned into full 大好き for me.


This dog showed up often at random in Dreamin’ Sun.


Perhaps the best panel so far.


But she did know this about him well in advance. (She did have a lot of hope that he’d change, though.)


And she still calls him Landlord. (He’s fine with it, saying she can change to calling him パパ when they have kids.)

I know the mangaka said at one end-of-volume bonus material in Dreamin’ Sun about Miura and Hagita being alike, but I don’t see it one bit…

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