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Read up to page 161 so far. I hope to finish the chapter before the day ends, but I had a couple of questions.

Page 159

Takako (most likely) says/mutters: 後つけるんじゃなかった

つける is one of those words with many meanings. And I couldn’t even begin to guess. So I put it into google translate and deepl to try and figure out what it was. Both of them seems to think it means: “(I/we) shouldn’t have followed (him)”

But that doesn’t seem right to me. Since じゃない doesn’t seem correctly translated there. Both deepl and google translate seems to think it is a negation, but I don’t agree.

I think it means something along the lines of: “(we started disliking Ueda-senpai) after following her (and Kakeru), right/isn’t that so?”

Am I missing something?

Page 161

Last couple of panels, I feel like I’m missing the point of a bit of dialog. Takako asks Naho if she is hiding anything, and Naho basically says no. And then Azu asks if Naho is wearing the shorts they each bought. And Naho says because they are cute, she has decorated her room with them. Next page, very top, Naho says something like “Not wearing them” (I got the sense of "I’m never gonna wear them), and laughs.

Was the whole point to make Naho laugh? (Azu and Takako have noticed Naho’s sad demeanor.)


Good catch! There’s a few things going on - one of which will make sense later.

But from our current perspective, we know her friends are clearly concerned about her. Naho is looking at Kakeru and senpai together in a sad way, so any friend could discern she has feelings for Kakeru and she doesn’t want to be a burden about it by talking to them about how she feels. That’s why they try to open the conversation by asking if she’s hiding anything.

Azu pulls a “joke” by asking if what she’s hiding the fact that she forgot to wear her shorts. Girls tend to wear them under skirts to avoid embarrassing panty shots. Naho, playing along, says she ended up decorating her room with hers because it’s so cute (just as you thought).

To confirm their suspicion (the punchline to the joke) she admits she’s not wearing them now, suggesting she forgot, not necessarily that she doesn’t intend to wear them.

Hope that makes better sense :blush: but don’t forget this scene later!

Edit: On a deeper level, the reader gets a sense that her friends use comedy as a way to unlock each other’s true feelings. If they had just straight up asked her if she’s hiding something, her natural reaction would be “no” because she doesn’t want to worry them. But since it feels like a joke, she can be honest so her “you’re right, I forgot my shorts” actually indirectly translates to “you got me, I’m actually hiding something.”


Is this particular to Japan? Because skirts are mandatory through school uniforms? Because I can’t say I’ve ever thought to do that. (And to clarify I am a girl—woman. (I hope I’ve earn that moniker at 30+ years old.))

You confirmed my suspicion that I was missing something. At least now, I feel like I’m not supposed to understand more than what I did with your help. Thanks! :smiley:

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And there we go, the rest of the chapter read. I honestly wanted to rush through this to get a bit of an emotional break. Orange does not pull the punches.

Chapter 4 impressions, story discussions, prediction, best face picked—so lots of spoilers

So first part of the chapter we have the future peeps. So far we’ve seen them meet up, dig up a time capsule and now go and visit Kakeru’s grandma. And this after not seeing each other since high school graduation.

But then it seems their friendships got very strained by losing Kakeru. No surprise there. Losing a friend must have been devastating.

And here, we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger. Didn’t see much of the adult crew, and I wonder what they’ll talk to granny about.

Back to the present crew, and it seems we have all Naho’s friends noticing her sadness over Kakeru. Although, notably, Hagita isn’t in most of these scenes. He is also the only one Kakeru feels the need to say/write くん for. Hagita is obviously an important part of that friend group, but so far not a very big one in our story. I hope that changes because future Hagita in chapter 3 really made an impression on me. That is when I felt like I started to get to know him and like him.

Otherwise, we have typical high school drama. Played out in real life and in fiction every day. Although, I can’t say I myself have met so many girls that seems so super jealous over their boyfriends speaking to someone of the opposite gender.

Also, two weeks just kinda vanish in that Kakeru going out with Ueda-senpai bit. Which seems pretty realistic in many ways, no? Because in real life, school and lessons and club activities would take up a lot of people’s times and it takes time to think and figure things out. And can be really hard to do certain things, especially if you know they will create conflict. I’ve been a certified conflict avoider in the past. And just like Naho, it never leads to her happiness (nor did it lead to mine).

But this little arc ended. Kakeru will break up with Ueda because basing a relationship on someone’s face being pretty probably wouldn’t have lasted very long anyway. Was it just me, or did Kakeru look bored or lost in thought every time Ueda talked? Lol, way to hold his attention. xD

That reminds me. Suwa, Takako and Azu talking after Suwa pushed Naho to approach Kakeru. Takako is fierce. And I love her for it. :star_struck:

If he hadn’t done something soon, Takako would have punched Ueda. You know what? I kinda want that to happen. Because I want to see Takako in action! In real life, I recognize that violence wouldn’t be the answer, but man, seeing Ueda get punched after intentionally pushing Naho on top of all the snobbing? Yeah, in manga I’d love to see the payback. :smiling_imp:

And now I’m kinda left with “what happens next” again. Another situation solved. I guess maybe this is why this manga was recommended to me as a slice of life with story. It does have story, but different parts can be somewhat/wholly episodic.

So I have no idea what the next chapter will bring, nor what volume 2 as a whole will bring. The only thing I know for sure is that it will probably make me cry.

On that note, I can say chapter 4 was the first chapter that didn’t make me cry! Huzza! I think I’ll start keeping count. 1/4 chapters I did not cry so far. The odds are ever in Orange favor.

Lastly, best face of the chapter. Man, these are so hard, but I gotta say that Ueda-senpai had a pretty good face, where the simple tilting up of her chin (and a slight downturn of her lips) made her look deadly/jealous/keep-away. Page 163

I look forward to all your comments on the story!

Also, there is an あとがき page 222 in the physical edition. Was quite easy to read and turns out the author has lived in the Matsumoto city!


I thought she meant that she would’ve punched Naho :laughing:

I have to say the first half of this chapter was really straining to read… Naho why are you like this. She kind of made me mad haha. Also, when Kakeru tells Naho that he wants to break up after a week, why does Naho have to say „that’s so fast!“, like, that’s literally what you wanted, also let the poor guy break up with someone he doesn’t have anything in common with!

No hate or shame for anyone who was/is that teenage girl… but screaming internally at the characters to just freaking talk to each other does get tiring after a while :smiley: I‘m glad they got it more or less straightened out in the end.

I agree with Google translate here. Some more info here:

んじゃない etc are always tricky to interpret, but んじゃなかった is almost always (?) used in this regret sense.
するんじゃない can mean するな, which is probably related to the んじゃなかった thing.


I assumed Ueda because she was talking about being so angry/annoyed by Ueda. Although I guess the first half of the sentence is about Suwa having to stop someone, and that presumably wouldn’t be Ueda. So maybe she did mean Naho. I’m still prone to making context mistakes. :sweat_smile:

Naho is overthinker extraordinary. In fact, I found her thoughts a bit hard to follow but honestly, it probably had more to do with what she was thinking rather than me not understanding the language. :joy:

This is me in so many romance novels. xD I think if this had dragged on beyond this chapter, or if we’d had to see even more of the two weeks it was going on… As it was, I think this managed to keep it just below my tolerance upper limit. xD

Thanks! I tried to search for it, but I must not have ended up trying google (only Bunpro) or I used the wrong search terms. Thanks! I figured with both deepl and google agreeing, I was probably missing something. こと to の to ん was not something I expected to exist. Another thing to keep an eye out for.

Chapter 4 comments

I’ve known at least one person like that.

I also know of someone who once he got married, his wife basically had him stop being around all his old friends, including male friends. Instead, he’s only allowed to associate with her and her friends.

She likely hasn’t yet had her sonder moment. The world currently revolves around her.

For some time now, I wondered if Suwa was getting letters from the future as well. I thought this would explain him trying to get Naho and Kakeru together. And getting Kakeru to join the soccer club.

The stairwell scene I felt was the best evidence of it yet, as if he knew more than he should have. I even stopped to work out in my mind how I’d write up this theory in a comment in this thread.

…and then it turns out the stairwell scene was by Azu’s request.

But because of this pet theory of mine, I’ve been trying to see throughout the future scenes if I can rationalize it. At first, I thought maybe it just looked like future-Suwa and future-Naho were together. Then it turns out that they are married, but maybe the baby is actually Suwa’s from a prior marriage? Nah, that can’t be. Would he really send letters to his past self if it meant erasing his child?

The same can be said for Naho, as well. By saving Kakeru, she could potentially change history so that she and Suwa never get together, erasing her child from existence.

I looked at the lack of furigana and passed over it =P

As for my own comments on the chapter overall, not much to say here.

Kakeru seems to be good at knowing when Naho’s not speaking up, but when put into a bad situation he’s also good at keeping quiet.

Now to hope I don’t forget everyones’ names over the break. (I’m bad at names.)

I’m just glad I added their faces to the vocabulary sheet so I could reference it to know who’s who when typing up this post.

I forgot, I was going to comment on ムカツク as well.

It’s actually fairly common!




Interesting theory! We know that Naho wanted to save Kakeru’s life. She obviously had feelings for him at some point, but he kind of drifted away from the group after dating senpai so future Naho never had her chance. She lost a friend and potentially someone she would have loved. She obviously has many regrets, so that would be her motive for writing the letter.

In Suwa’s case, what would be his motivation? Saving a friend’s life? Would prioritizing a friend’s life justify risking the erasure of your current family?

Responses to MissDagger's impressions

I’m interested in your observations about Hagita. He didn’t leave a big impression in the anime, so I didn’t pay much attention to him in the manga either. I wonder if he plays a bigger part in the manga and all that was cut out from the anime.

I don’t know anyone personally but I also wouldn’t want to be around someone with that kind of personality either.

But to be fair, these are high school kids with raging hormones. I’m sure if senpai was that interested in Kakeru, she would’ve noticed how he and Naho in particular spend an awful a lot of alone time together. It’s fair she would be jealous in someone she thinks Kakeru has feelings for (and vice versa in particular).

We know as adults with properly developed brains, that it’s more productive to use open communication and talking through our feelings to reach a compromise with our partner. But they’re still stupid teenagers, probably their first relationship and it wasn’t very meaningful (Kakeru choosing to date her for her appearance and senpai choosing him because she thought he would understand her feelings being two people from the city).

Also very glad the cringy senpai arc is over though. There are so many more problems worth complaining to your therapist about that their week(read: weak)-long relationship drama isn’t worth the energy.

Well he clearly wasn’t sold on the idea from the start or he wouldn’t have asked Naho for her opinion on it. :wink: It seemed more like he was confirming whether Naho thought of him more than a friend by not rejecting the other girl outright. And if Naho could really “see” and understand Kakeru like he thinks she can, she would’ve definitely been able to see the note in her eraser.

The problem was she knew the future so she worried she would be bending Kakeru to her will if she interfered instead of letting him choose for himself.

I think we get a little (understandably) too upset at Naho for not following her future self’s instructions to the T. She’s actually very kind because while she knows she needs to save Kakeru, she also doesn’t want to take away his agency. Even if he lives, are all the choices that were forced on him (through Naho’s meddling) truly what he wanted? Is it living if you’re being controlled by other people?

Yeah, the pattern chapter-wise is a big reveal of something shocking related to the mystery of Kakeru and the future group. I say we have about 2 or 3 of those left. Probably enough to cover each letter in the next volume.

I almost forgot to reply to this, but yes. I don’t go around looking up people’s skirts, but I have noticed my elementary school girls wearing shorts underneath (they can get pretty wild so no surprise there). I’ve seen at least one of my junior high school girls lift her skirt up as a joke and thankfully she was wearing shorts too.

I can’t say whether it’s required or not. Some elementary schools in Japan don’t require school uniforms so the kids just wear what they want within reason. Junior high schools are the stricter years so I wouldn’t be surprised if shorts under skirts were mandatory or built into their skirts.

High school is not obligatory education so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a choice. Uniforms are required though (and many students choose their high schools based on the appearance of the uniforms if they have a choice).

I do notice that when I buy skirts in Japan, they tend to be multi-layered. Like there’s a lighter layer mainly designed to keep it from being see through particularly if you’re wearing a light-colored skirt. (I don’t wear miniskirts though.) When I order my skirts from the U.S., they tend to be single-layered which feels like there’s less privacy even if it isn’t see through.

Replies (potentially with spoilers for the story so far, of course)

Honestly, I barely noticed the furigana wasn’t there. In fact I don’t think I really thought about that until you said so. :joy: The only thing I can remember needing to think about was the name of the city and going “yep those are the kanji for Naho’s name”.

Was that explicitly stated? (Because then I missed it.) If it wasn’t, then it is just me not thinking beyond what is in front of me with stories. I rarely question things.

They are both very good at not talking. :joy:

I hadn’t thought of that. Indeed, would Suwa and Naho’s child still exist if Kakeru is saved?

We haven’t seen much bonding between parents and child yet, although considering they’re taking him/her with them (I don’t think we know yet, or if we learnt it didn’t make an impression) it indicates deeper love (otherwise you’d get a babysitter like the grandparents). Not all parents are crazy about their kids. Although I have a hard time imagining Suwa and Naho not loving their child.

I do hope he gets a bit more than this. I feel like we’ve gotten better acquainted with all the others one, especially Suwa and Azu. So hopefully we’ll learn more about their lives, outside how it directly reflects on Naho and Kakeru’s relationship.

Honestly, I haven’t been upset with her at all. Her reactions feel very normal for the type of person she clearly is. She’s very consistent in that it isn’t just Kakeru she doesn’t talk too, but everyone.

Although present Naho might not be thinking about it, but future Naho can’t know what might or might not make a difference. In fact, suggested changes might make things worse, there is no way for her to know. Her letters are quite bold in that way, suggesting that these moments that have been seared in HER memory might change Kakeru’s future for the better if they happen differently.

Thanks for letting me know. It makes sense to have shorts be part of it. Of course, it would make even more sense to step into the 21st century and if not do away with school uniforms, at least make them gender neutral or let girls and boys choose whether they want skirt or pants. ^^

Reply with spoiler

Actually, I misunderstood!


It’s her first time complimenting thanking him, but I misread it as her first time requesting something from him. (I think I mistook (れい) for 依頼(いらい)…)

That puts my “he’s also getting letters from the future” theory back on the table! I still don’t know the reason, but it seems that he’s constantly aware of every time he needs to push for Naho and Kakeru to be together.

I’m glad I put my misunderstanding out there so I could confuse others into pointing out I misunderstood it =D


It’s her first time thanking him, no? (Is that the same thing in English? :thinking:)


Ah, yes, that’s a better word.

(I hope to learn English one of these days. Especially since it’s my native language and the only one I speak.)


Okay :slight_smile:
Wasn’t sure for a moment whether I was confused or you were confused, or whether you really had a misunderstanding :sweat_smile:


Sometimes, I’m just bad at words =P


I haven’t read comments yet and am at page 173 but God, I get now the frustrations with Naho, I know she is a teen but this is getting hard to read haha. I’ll muster up some courage and continue

EDIT: Okay, I made it to the end and I’m happy Suwa came through with the clutch save (at the cost of his own happiness tho).


Love, love this manga.
I have so many things to read and catch up on, but this is the one that keeps making me want to just keep reading and read ahead haha.

I also read the last extra chapter that isn't related to the story of Orange (I wouldn't have felt right putting away the first volume without having it finished).

I love the cute designs and continued great art and story. Both of the twins are super cute and it’s great how they have quite different personalities but are still so close.
I’m kinda sad that the main boy fell for Mami instead of Chiki, but maybe this makes it less cliche and I’m glad that Chiki doesn’t seem to care too much (so far?) and just wants Mami to find someone she actually likes and who is a good person.

I think these stories will continue at the end of each volume? So I’ll probably continue to read them as they come along!


Well, I have only read through page 165, so I still can’t read most of the comments, but I have to say that I am not enjoying this chapter as much as previous ones.

The high school level drama of “I should talk to him - his life might even depend on it - but I can’t because it’s uncomfortable because he has a girlfriend now!” is not that interesting to me. Not to mention Kakeru’s part in the whole thing! He hid the note he gave to Naho asking if she thought he should date Ueda, then didn’t even give her a chance to find and respond to the note before saying yes to Ueda. (And also apparently doesn’t make any strong effort to talk to Naho one on one after he starts dating Ueda, and stops hanging out with his friends…) That is some high school boy bullshit right there.

Hopefully something good/interesting happens in the next 23 pages!